Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wirxli is back and on CNN!

Hey there patient blog-readers...

Happy New Year, 2009!

Wirxli is back in Second Life!

I have been on an academic hiatus for a little while now oh wait, I am still in academia in RL...sigh!

Anyways, RL is still so time-consuming that I virtualy have no time to blog about all of my recent activities in SL lately but the rumours are true - I have resumed some level of in-world activity lately.

A little over 24-hours ago, for example, I had a solo performance at the ARENA Festival in Italy.

This festival features 40 artists and is curated by Roxelo Babenco and Arco Rosca (Uqbar).

It is part of a bigger festival called "Rinascimento Virtuale" ("Virtual Renaissance") that is being held at the real life Museum of Natural History at the University of Florence - Firenze. For this specific festival, Mario Gerosa is the curator.

For this performance called "WEARABLE NEWS NETWORKs (WNN)", I had the avatar audience wear some video-clothes that displayed some breaking news feeds about Gaza and then as CNN's iReporter, I interviewed a few select avatars about what their impressions/opinions were about the news content that they were currenly wearing...

Here was what the news-suit looked like...

Anyways, I performed as an embedded iReporter for CNN and here is my official news report on CNN's website...

Here is the only pic available that I personally had the time to create:

Wirxli interviews Ginevra Lancaster to see what her opinions were about the current real life conflict in Gaza City.

Here are some more documentation samples from this event for you:

1) Arco Rosca's Photos.

2) Roxelo Babenco's Photos.

3) HardwareHacker Hoch's Photos.

4) The ARENA e-Catalogue produced by the CARP Collective in Romania and Hungary.

Well, I would love to chat with you on this blog but seriously, I have way too much real life work to contend with at the moment so once again - this blog might be seriously delayed for many more days to come...sigh!

Hey, at least this post is better than no new posts at all...right? ;-)

Stay tuned for more stories about my recent activities in Second Life...