Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My first gig with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse...

Video recorded by AngryBeth Shortbread. If you cannot see this embedded video, click here.

Here I am about to officially perform with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse for the 1st time.You can see from my point of view that is was midnight and you can also see what the performance interface looked like from my perspective. The nametags above the avatars give you their names. DeThomas Dibou will be joining our group for the next performance.

Hey performance art and new music fans,

I have just literally finished performing my first concert with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at the Odyssey Ampitheater (Odyssey 104, 80, 22 are the stage coordinates)!

We performed a piece called "FADHEIT" which was composed by the group's founder Maximillian Nakamura.
In addition to Max and myself, the performers consisted of Bingo Onomatopoeia, Paco Mariani and Miulew Takahe.

DeThomas Dibou will be officially joining us as an orchestra player for our next performance but for now, he had to resort to listening to us from the sidelines.

There was great photo-documentation by Loop Luo!
She took a portrait of me, plus a group photo and more photos on Flickr.

Bryan Dix from the SL-Newspaper was also there so I expect to see a news report from him very soon.

Stay tuned for some more embedded Youtube video-documents of upcoming performances courtesy of AngryBeth Shortbread :-)

In the meantime, check out Miulew Takehe's audio podcast recordings of takes 2 & 3.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My adoption celebration published in The Avastar...

"Adoption is Wonderful". The Avastar Issue #14. In the "E-mails of the Week" section, Page #11.

Hey performance art and adoption fans,

The SLebrity tabloid The Avastar has published my email notification announcing my new adopted daughter, Fwwixli Swindlehurst.

It was actually from reading the previous issue of The Avastar that I learned about the popularity of adoption agencies in SL. As a result, I felt the sudden paternal/maternal urge (yes, I am transgendered in SL) to adopt my own kid.

For more information about my new daughter, check out our official collaborative blog.



Upgrade Boston in SL - Eric Gordon's Lecture...

In this pic, the nametags have been provided. The place was so laggy that Beavis had to give us a running commentary from time to time as to whether or not anything could be seen on the movie screen. One interesting development, however was that the host known as JC Fremont has finally shown to us the proof-of-concept that wearable video-screens (in this case attached to his nose) can actually exist in Second Life...performances with wearable video is something that Second Front have been wanting to perform with since its inception in November 2006. The only other time I have seen wearable or portable video of any kind was at Ian Ah's lounge a few weeks ago.

Hey performance art and academic lecture fans,

I got invited on very short notice to this lecture for Upgrade Boston that was streamed into SL from RL (Emerson College, Boston). I was not able to enter SL until half-way through the lecture so I had no idea what the talk and the context was all about although from what I heard in those last few minutes, it seemed to be a general talk about the potentials of SL aimed at a target demographic of nOObs in RL who have not yet crossed the line from theory into practice (I am talking about the audience and not the lecturer named Eric Gordon who apparently has an avatar somewhere in SL). I had to leave before Show'N'Tell did their presentation...I though at the time it was just some show and tell routine but it turned out to be an actual group of sorts... Well, RL was getting really busy for me at that time so I had to pass...sigh!

Live video-conference feeds/streams are a great idea but I think the RL acoustics need to be groomed in order for the transmissions to be audible in SL. There was way too much reverb to determine what the lecturer was trying to say...the extreme lag did not help either...sigh!

The good news was that many avatars had some tubs of hot buttered popcorn to spare so at the very least, we had something to munch on while trying to focus on the content behind the reverberated words....

Oh well...I was unable to figure out what questions to ask due to these technical difficulties (and my own RL lag since I arrived late) so here is at least the official press release for the event...

Upgrade Boston Eric Gordon and Show n Tell March 22 at 7:00 pm EST (4:00 pm. Linden Time) @ Art Interactive: 130 Bishop Allen Drive, at the corner of Prospect Street, Cambridge. Emerson College Island, Emerson Island (182, 112, 23)

...and here is some more visual proof that I made a genuine effort to listen and participate...

Here is what Eric Gordon looked like in RL...His avatar in SL was nowhere to be seen on the premesis. For awhile, only Beavis could even confirm Eric actually existed live on the screen ;-)

Here is probably how Eric Gordon saw us as he looked into the fishbowl known as Second Life ;-) The green guy standing up in the far right was Bryan Dix reporting for the SL Newspaper. You can see more clearly in this pic that JC's face was obscured by the very nifty and desirable wearable video-cube...wow! I am surprised this wearble video was able to consistently stream in realtime because the rest of the space (especially the walls and windows) were super laggy and gray...

...and one more side angle for those who cannot get enough of Eric Gordon's profile ;-)

Update from the Future - On March 31, 2007 - Plurabelle Posthorn blogged this event as well... check it out by clicking here.

Here is the video that Plurabelle recorded and edited:

If you cannot see this embedded video, click here.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wirxli joins the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse!

Wirxli tastefully presses some square musical triggers (buttons) as part of Maximillian Nakamura's unique in-world orchestral performance interface.

Hey performance art and performing art fans,

I have decided to go back to my roots and experiment with being a "performing artist" like the good ol' days of RL. I think this will be my only exception to my usual rule of being a puritan "performance artist" and not dabbling too much into that taboo realm known as the "performing arts".

Maximillian Namakura started this group called the "Avatar Orchestra Metaverse" and asked me to join. So, about 30 minutes after accepting his offer, I performed at my first rehearsal at the Odyssey Island Ampitheatre about 20 minutes ago. We will be playing next tuesday at 2 PM PST/SL time. We will not be playing for long - just one of Nakamura's own original compositions.

So basically, we play coloured buttons and follow a graphically notated score (conducted via a group IM session by Nakamura). The result is pure 20th Century era academic New Muzak ;-)

I tried to record video and audio for this rehearsal but my Camtasia screen capture software crashed me on...sigh! Maybe I should switch to FRAPS after all - I heard that software records audio and video at a much more reliable rate.

Here is an aerial view that I took of our rehearsal...

Clockwise from left-right: Xox Voyager, Maximillian Nakamura, Bingo Onomatopoeia, Wirxli FlimFlam (me) and Chi5 Shenzhou.

Here is an embedded video of the previous concert by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. This performance took place before I joined the group...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wirxli has adopted a new foster child!

Left-Right: Fwwixli wearing a DRI t-shirt and Wirxli wearing the usual casual attire... Wirxli chose the DRI shirt because it reminded him of his own RL(Real Life) youth..

Hey performance art fans,

I am pleased to announce that I am the proud new parent of my new adopted child, Fwwixli Swindlehurst...

You could read all about the new parenthood situation on our new collective blog.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sugar Seville nominates Wirxli FlimFlam for President of SL!

Sugar Seville's last answer in this interview officially mentions Wirxli FlimFlam and Man Michinaga of Second Front has publicized her personal nominations in The Avastar for President and Vice-President of Second Life.

Here is the German translation of the same article.

Hey performance art fans,

I noticed that Sugar Seville has been named the Avastar of the week for the English and German editions of issue #13.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sugar would nominate me as the Prez of SL if I ever formally declared my nomination... Man Michinaga was mentioned as her choice for VP...Hmmm..Maybe we should both enter political arena after all? What do you think? Maybe as the ultimate form of performance art?


Wirxli FlimFlam and Tea Chenille are officially partners!

Wirxli FlimFlam and Tea Chenille privately exchanged their partnership vows on a wedding-themed island...

Hey there performance art and wedding fans,

On March 16, 2007 - Tea Chenille officially accepted my offer to be my romantic life-partner in Second Life. We have been together since the beginning of our avatars' lives and is a co-founder of our performance art group, Second Front.

We are actually marrying in RL (Real Life) on July 07, 2007.

It only cost us L$10 each to marry and we do not plan to fork over $L25 for a divorce anytime soon ;-)

Here are some photos of the occasion - we decided to just have this partnership ceremony take place between the two of us without an audience in order to concentrate on our love for each other...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Second Front's Martyr Sauce performance a success!

Here I am bravely about to join my performance art colleagues into martydom by crossing over the red line (not shown here) from the safety zone into the combat zone...And yes, I brought along my trusty sheep with me!

On March 14th, Man Michinaga edited a special edition of Second Front's Martyr Sauce performance.

Check out the video here.

Hey there performance art fans!

I have just finished my performance intervention with Second Front a few hours ago and it was psychologically exhausting but loads of fun! It was well worth doing!

To summarize, 7 members of Second Front (Gazira Babeli was regrettably unable to attend) entered the zone in Second Life where avatars can briefly get killed... We spread our messages of love and peace and was continuously martyred over and over Gandhi-style...we would just log back in and continue our love-in throughout the warzone.

The combat zone in Second Life was actually both loads of fun and extremely frightening (I had an RL death threat from one of the combateers...hopefully in jest!).

I have written about it in more detail on the official Second Front blog.

Here are some other photos from our performance that I hastily took for fear of my life... This time I had an excuse for taking lousy snapshots ;-)

I think I gave this toonish Playstation-esque avatar several hits of SLSD (LSD in SL)...I did not get a chance to chat with the Robomech guy though...

Here I am posing with my good friend Lior Humphreys who joined Second Front in solidarity with our peaceful and love-filled martyrdom mission.

You will notice that I saved the pix that only showed me from Second Front for this personal blog..the group photos have been blogged on the group site...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Wirxli in the Travel section of The Ava-Star!

Interview with Wirxli Flimflam - Avastar Issue #12, Page#21 - Travel section.

Here is the German language version of the same article.

Hey performance art and travel fans,

Once again, an exclusive interview with me has been featured in The Avastar. This time, Leider Stepanov has interviewed me for the travel section.

Below is a sample of the cover - I think this is the first time that my name has been mentioned on the cover of the Avastar. Once again, I am seen as female... I am so pleased with myself that I have chosen to be a gender neutral avatar.
I can appear in both the Womens' and Mens' special issues ;-)

Left column - Travel section.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Contemporary Art opening on Odyssey Island!

If you cannot see this video, click here.

Hey contemporary art fans,

The above embedded video clip was something I literally just recorded a couple of hours ago. I apologize in advance for my lousy videography technique. I was so worried that my screen capture software would crash on me, I quickly scurried around the gallery to try and record the entire exhibition experience without really looking closely at anything at all. ;-) Even as I blog this, the grand opening of Exhibit A on Odyssey Island is probably still taking place in Second Life.

There is even some press coverage already available from the Virtual Artists' Alliance and The Second Life News Network (SLNN).

I may have been clumsily stumbling around and flying into walls but at least there is now a video document from this historic event!

Here is the official flyer info about this opening:

Beavis Palowakski (Chris Rush) and Sugar Seville present:

Exhibit A

A new gallery designed and built by Beavis Palowakski on the Odyssey simulator opens for
the first time with a show curated by Beavis and Sugar Seville.

This inaugural event marks the first phase of the Odyssey simulator development. Odyssey is a place for art and performance within the Second Life online virtual world.

March 8th - April 8th 2007

OPENING THURSDAY MARCH 8th, 6pm Second Life time
Press opening is 1pm SLT

Location: Odyssey 38,30,23


Ian Ah (Ian Murray)
Gazira Babeli
Isra Batra
Nitido Cortes (David Scher)
Alan Dojoji (Alan Sondheim)
Fau Ferdinand
Masami Kuramoto
Pavig Lok
Man Michinaga (Patrick Lichty)
Sea Ra
Bacon Rolls
Chi5 Shenzhou

Here are the snapshots I took of the event. Due to the lag and my lousy video card on my laptop, objects and textures were still gradually rezzing for me. This should explain the abundance of gray-spaces and other unintentional depictions of negative space...heh heh... so, in reverse-chronological order:

It is too bad I had to leave just when the party was getting started...sigh! Ian Ah is typing to me here confirming that we will meet up later in the evening once I get all my "Real Life" chores out of the way... double sigh!

As you can plainly see, the after-party was getting a bit outta control... heh heh!

Here I am watching Alan Dojoji's live performance/video installation. I am glad that I was able to begin my video-documentation with his performance.

Here is a more heads-on view of Alan's performance.

With this snapshot, I tried to zoom out as much as possible to get the overall impression of the gallery's ambience. Since hardly anything was rezzing for me in time to appease my impatient super-ego, I did not bother to spend precious networking time to capture a more sublime angle of Beavis Palowakski's concrete and glass architectural masterpiece.

The dude with the inflated elephant head and the concrete shoes seemed to be one of the many Japanese artists in attendence...I could not think of any other sane explanation ;-)

I think this pic was taken when I first arrived at the opening...A lot of my friends were at the opening tonight...a lot of them also happened to be the artists in the show. I am hoping that by the time of the next opening, alot of my other artist-friends can also get the opportunity to exhibit here. The sign in the background depicts Man Michinaga's RL alter-ego, Patrick Lichty.

Hmmm..this might actually be the very first pic of my arrival into this space... oh well!

I must be getting careless and lazy...if you want to know who each avatar in these pix are, check out the video at the top of this posting because their nametags are depicted for all to see. If you cannot find the avatar-of-your-dreams in the video, you might want to scroll down the blog a bit more to see them mentioned and namedropped.... enjoy the rest of the postings!

Monday, March 05, 2007

School of Chuck Norris visits my PR Office!

An army of Chuck Norris avatars performed in the Ahern Welcome Area this afternoon...

Hey performance art fans!

Today I checked out an official performance by the Chuck Norris Performance Art Group. They got booted out of several public venues (probably due to performance lag) and so I eventually invited them to my PR Office on the very top of Sugar Mountain to "chuck around" and to answer their questions about avatar performance art in Second Life.

Chuck Masala (their leader and teacher) wanted to know if the performance was successful and I basically said that yes, I enjoyed what they are doing quite a bit!

One of the Chucks asked me what they should do in the future. I think they should simply "keep on Chuckin'", as the saying goes! However, I also suggested that they learn some martial arts moves....I am sure they can find some master from a monestary somewhere to develop those animations for them ;-)

Bryan Dix reported on this event for the Second Life News.

Marco Manray took some fantastic photos of this event.

Here are the other 2 photos that I personally took of the event...

...once they had finished performing, I invited a whole bunch of Chucks to my PR Office on Odyssey. They joined Sugar Seville, Marco Manray, Maximillian Nakamura, Bryan Dix (Second Life News) and Xox Voyager as well as Second Front co-members Gazira Babeli and Tran Spire...

...here is a snapshot that I took from another angle.

Here is an unedited excerpt of the chat-history archived by Sugar Seville (NOTE: Sugar is referred to as "you" in this transcript as it is from her point of view)...
Wirxli Flimflam: now they are coming here
Wirxli Flimflam: I am going to TP Chuck Masala now
Wirxli Flimflam: Hey Sugar,
You: hi!
Isra Batra is Online
Wirxli Flimflam: Chuck Masala and his students are arriving here now
marco Manray: Hi Sugar
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Masala (5m)
Wirxli Flimflam: Sugar, do you know Marco? This is Chuck Masala too
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Fargis (7m)
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Repine (7m), Chuck Klees (7m)
IM: Isra Batra: hi sugar
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Zehetbauer (7m)
marco Manray: nice to meet you Chuck
You: yes, hello Marco, nnice to meet you Chuck
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Bryan Dix (7m)
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Roffo (7m)
IM: Isra Batra: where are u
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17 : Entering chat range: ChuckNorris Giha (7m)
marco Manray: Hello Sugar :)
Chuck Masala: thanks, greetings.
Wirxli Flimflam: one sec, Chucks
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Lilliehook (7m)
You: omg!
IM: Isra Batra: ?
You: hahaha!
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Balczo (7m)
Chuck Lilliehook: You have a block face
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Falta (7m)
Chuck Lilliehook: Can i have that block to put on my face
Enniv Zarf is Offline
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Tenk (9m)
Fau Ferdinand is Online
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Tran Spire (5m)
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Maximillian Nakamura (18m)
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Hynes (10m)
Enniv Zarf is Online
Gazira Babeli is Online
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Amat (10m)
ChuckNorris Giha: times 20
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Recreant (10m)
Chuck Tenk: I eat roundhouse kick for breakfast LOL
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Nishi (5m)
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Zehetbauer (9m)
Chuck Hynes: i am the only person on the planet who can kick you in the back of the face
Chuck Amat: ola
Chuck Klees: who would like a red bull its made with my authentic urine
Chuck Masala: Hey Wirxli, we are still waiting for a couple of chucks to arrive.
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, I might crash..trying to hang on
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Fargis (10m)
Bryan Dix: Chock full fo chucks
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Repine (11m)
Chuck Repine: i eat transformer toys in vehicle mode and poo them our transformed into a robot
Chuck Amat: i wear a live rattle snake for a condom
Chuck Klees: Luke Skywalker is my REAL father
Chuck Tenk: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? ....... ALL OF IT!
Chuck Hynes: i once punched a man inhis soul
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Fargis (10m)
Chuck Repine: i invented water
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Tran Spire (6m)
Chuck Klees: Before science was invented it was once believed that autumn occurred when MY roundhouse kicked every tree in existence.
Wirxli Flimflam: still more Chucks, Chuck?
Chuck Masala: Well, Wirxli, not sure how to proceed...we've looked at your second front website - very cools stuff.
Chuck Lilliehook: Second front!
Chuck Fargis: I once punched a man in the back of the face
Wirxli Flimflam: ok, thanks Chuck
Chuck Nishi shouts: I can read braille
Chuck Lilliehook: Do yall do any machinama?
Chuck Hynes: jack was nimble, jack was quick, but jack stil couldnt dodge my roundhouse kick
Chuck Tenk: In my honor all McDonald's in Texas have an even larger size than the super-size. When ordering just ask to be Chucksized
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Zehetbauer (9m)
Chuck Repine: one time while sparring with Wolverine, i accidentally lost my left testicle. you might be familiar with it to this very day by it techinical term: Jupiter
Chuck Masala: What do you think about our Chuck Norris performance?
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Amat (9m)
Wirxli Flimflam: it makes me want to Up Chuck ;-)
Chuck Klees: you feelin the bling bling?
Chuck Hynes: what do you think of us?
Fau Ferdinand is Online
Chuck Falta: HE HE
Wirxli Flimflam: I like the performance alot
You: Chuck full of chucks!
Wirxli Flimflam: too much lag for my computer to actually witness the performance in the high population spaces
Wirxli Flimflam: how many Chucks are you?
Chuck Masala: Wirxli, you've been doing performance in SL since 2003, do you perform in RL as well?
Chuck Amat: like 16
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Gazira Babeli (3m)
Bryan Dix: How much wood can a wood.....
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Isra Batra (3m)
Wirxli Flimflam: er..I have been performing in SL since 2006 but other worlds since 2003
Wirxli Flimflam: er...earlier
Wirxli Flimflam: 1996 really
Chuck Masala: Ok gotcha.
Gazira Babeli: hola!
Tran Spire: hola
Chuck Hynes: what kind of responses do you get from people when you perfrom in SL
Wirxli Flimflam: but I have not done much RL performance work, no
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Hynes (9m)
Wirxli Flimflam: mixed reponses
ChuckNorris Giha: what does your work in secondlife consist of?
Wirxli Flimflam: I usually have to wait to read the blog postings about it
Chuck Amat: what do you do in second life for performances
Chuck Amat: ??
Chuck Tenk: What kind of responses do you get from people during your virtual performances?
Wirxli Flimflam: for performance info - www.wirxliflimflam.blogspot.com www.slfront.blogspot.com
Tran Spire: you suck
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Falta (9m)
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh
Gazira Babeli: whats going on?
Wirxli Flimflam: Hey Gaz,
IM: Fau Ferdinand: hey sugar :)
Wirxli Flimflam: The Chucks are here to ask me about performance art
Wirxli Flimflam: Gaz is in Second Front as is Tran Spire
Wirxli Flimflam: www.gazirababeli.com
Tran Spire: thanks
Wirxli Flimflam: www.transpiresl.blogspot.com
Gazira Babeli: good
Wirxli Flimflam: did I miss any questions?
Gazira Babeli: i thought a gay meeting
Tran Spire: funny
Wirxli Flimflam: Chuckosexuals
Wirxli Flimflam: heheheh..maybe it is a gay meeting too
Gazira Babeli: good anyway
You: lol!
Tran Spire: chuck wagon
Chuck Masala: I am curious, our Chuck Norris performance is an unscheduled intervention of sorts - are your events scheduled or do they just happen?
Chuck Lilliehook: Chuck isn't gay... he already has .... had every women
Wirxli Flimflam: we do both
IM: Fau Ferdinand: is odi up ?
You: chucky 13
Tran Spire: oh
Wirxli Flimflam: scheduled and interventions
Tran Spire: hi sugar
You: hi trans
Chuck Masala: What do you do if people get upset?
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Lilliehook (11m)
IM: Fau Ferdinand: I get logged off each time I tp
Chuck Amat: how often do you have performances?
Tran Spire: chuck them out
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: marco Manray (3m)
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks for the pic, Max
Wirxli Flimflam: we perform roughly once every 2 weeks
Wirxli Flimflam: haw haw
Gazira Babeli: hey guys. let me introduce u Isra batra
Chuck Lilliehook: Hey are most pieces of property bought to try to make money?
Wirxli Flimflam: Hey Isra
Isra Batra: hi
Chuck Lilliehook: in SL?
Tran Spire: hi
Chuck Amat: hello
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, most places are bough to try and make money, Chuck - correct
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, we dressed as ourselves
Chuck Masala: do you all own property?
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Falta (9m)
You: Odyssey was bought to try to make art!
Elad Fardel is Online
Wirxli Flimflam: I do not own any property
Chuck Klees: it says in your interview that you are looking for a horse?
Wirxli Flimflam: Sugar donated this space and building to me
Chuck Lilliehook: nice
Wirxli Flimflam: a horse?
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Chuck Zehetbauer (9m)
Wirxli Flimflam: sure, I want a horse but I do not remember saying that
Fau Ferdinand is Online
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Entering chat range: Gazira Babeli (9m)
Gazira Babeli: you are borg max
Wirxli Flimflam: Chuck, we ARE Jesus and his disciples ;-)
Wirxli Flimflam: Chuck Trek
Chuck Hynes: Any suggestions for our next performance?
Chuck Tenk: We are CHUCK
Gazira Babeli: could i be judas?
Chuck Roffo: How long does it take you to come with a performance?
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, my suggestion is... Keep on Chucking
Chuck Hynes: haha thanks
Maximillian Nakamura gave you chucks.
Chuck Klees: what the best thing about SL?
Wirxli Flimflam: that depends on the performance and space, Chuck
Wirxli Flimflam: depends also if it is solo or group
MystiTool HUD 1.0.17: Detached.
Chuck Roffo: what was your longest performance
Wirxli Flimflam: how long did it take all of you to Chuck around?
Chuck Tenk: Should we announce our performance or just leave people guessing and getting upset?
Wirxli Flimflam: longest performance? 30 min (in SL)
Chuck Lilliehook: Wirxli did you design odyssey?
Gazira Babeli: my one is 1 year
Wirxli Flimflam: in your case, do not announce your performance = just mob people
Chuck Hynes: should we keep up with the chuck norris jokes or maybe switch things up and do something unexpected of something chuck would do?
Wirxli Flimflam: no, Sugar designed Odyssey
Wirxli Flimflam: do both..maybe do some martial arts animations too
IM: Fau Ferdinand: it logged me off again
IM: Fau Ferdinand: grrrrr
IM: Fau Ferdinand: anyway
ChuckNorris Giha: what are you main goals/motovations for you rwork on sl?
Chuck Lilliehook: Sugar... did you design it as a piece?
IM: Fau Ferdinand: if you could take off my pieces I'll put them up for sale there
Chuck Masala: Wirxli, do people ever get upset when you perform - we have found some locations get REALLY angry.
IM: Fau Ferdinand: oh
You: It was designed in pieces
IM: Fau Ferdinand: so the sim is fool
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, some people were upset at our Ars Virtua performance
Wirxli Flimflam: even though that was a publicized performance
Chuck Hynes: very upset, we have been kicked out of so many places
Chuck Lilliehook: I like the tree down by the roundtable... do you find things or create yourself?
IM: Fau Ferdinand: why doesn't anyone let me know about these things ?
Wirxli Flimflam: some people did not like our NMC one
Chuck Zehetbauer: miko miko nurse! madamada iku yo~~~!!
Chuck Zehetbauer: miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! namamugi namagome miko miko nurse!!
Chuck Zehetbauer: miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! kaeru pyoko pyoko miko miko nurse!!
Wirxli Flimflam: people have no sense of humour, that is why, Chucks
Chuck Zehetbauer: miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! soul train miko miko nurse!!
Chuck Zehetbauer: miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! anesan rokkaku miko miko nurse!!
Chuck Zehetbauer: miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! sexual violet miko miko nurse!!
Wirxli Flimflam: I like what you are doing
Chuck Zehetbauer: miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! riichi ippatsu miko miko nurse!!
Chuck Zehetbauer: miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse! miko miko nurse!
Chuck Zehetbauer: saigo ni mou icchou~, hai! miko miko nurse!
Wirxli Flimflam: I like the breakdancing
Wirxli Flimflam: maybe you should all dance and do martial arts moves on people too
IM: Fau Ferdinand: hehe
Wirxli Flimflam: also, you should get your own blog to keep track of your chucking
Chuck Masala: It seems so ironic - this free flow environment seems full of people who want rules and an expected level of experience ...
Chuck Amat: we have one
Wirxli Flimflam: yes, that is the irony of living in SL
Chuck Fargis: we have one
Wirxli Flimflam: oh, you do?
Chuck Hynes: we just got one
Chuck Lilliehook: Instant teleportation may contribute to that
Chuck Tenk: Some people seem to take this world so serious like its acutal life
Wirxli Flimflam: what is the address?
You: the tree is part of Chi Shenzhou's park design
Wirxli Flimflam: just wait until SL has full voice chat in June ;-)
Chuck Masala: we have a blog - chucknorrisperformance.blogspot.com I think is the url.
Chi5 Shenzhou is Online
Wirxli Flimflam: thanks! I will blog it
You: some places here are designed by other artists
Chuck Lilliehook: ahhh... so do some people create landscaes and sell them sugar?
Chuck Lilliehook: What is the coolest place on the island?
Wirxli Flimflam: I think I just saw a dropkick! kewl!
Wirxli Flimflam: this is the coolest place on the island ;-)
You: Ian Ah designed the lounge on the other side of sugar mountain
You: check out the gallery: Exhibit A
Gazira Babeli: dont say art
Chuck Lilliehook: Its nice to see a piece of land that is developed.... most seem very crouded and unplanned
You: its the largest structure here, designed by Beavis Palowakski
Chuck Lilliehook: have any techniques for finding interesting landscapes
Chuck Lilliehook: places like odyssey rather than homes?
You: this landscape evolved from imagination
Chuck Masala: we plan on buying a piece of land to start building an environment - we going to re-create Reno in miniature for starters.