Sunday, January 28, 2007


Wirxli Flimflam (in the middle with his/her back to the camera) inspects the brand new Cultural Public Relations Office with Nyko Nakamura, Sugar Seville and Ian Ah.

Hey there folks!

I am pleased to announce the opening of my brand new "Cultural Public Relations Office" on Odyssey Island. Of course, this is not to be confused with the GRAND OPENING I plan to hype to the media and good friends very soon... Please stay tuned to this blog to read updates about this official GRAND OPENING.

I wish to thank the kind philanthropy of Sugar Seville and Pacino Hercules for allowing me to stay here rent-free as an artist-in-residence. Sugar built this place and mountain (now called "Sugar Mountain") to my exact specifications from scratch and I LOVE WHAT SHE HAS DONE :-)

I hope this space and Odyssey Island itself will be here for some time as I plan to use it to: relax, network, catch up on IMs and yes, host parties!

If you have Second Life installed and wish to teleport directly to my new place now, just click on this SLurl link here.

For those who are not used to using SLurls, you can find my place by clicking on the "map" button in the Second Life interface and then going to these coordinates: Odyssey 84, 202, 128

If you wish to just look at some more photos...just scroll down and enjoy...

Wirxli's PR office at night - from Left-Right: Ian Ah, Dancoyote Antonelli, Nyko Nakamura(?), Sugar Seville(?) and Man Michinaga.

The PR office at Sunset with LillyEliska Kralamoc and Crucial Armitage.

As soon as it got darker, Bryan Dix and Ian Ah arrived on the scene to join Wirxli, Lilly and Crucial.

This pic was taken much earlier when the PR office was still being built. From Left-Right: Nyko Nakamura, Wirxli Flimflam, Bryan Dix, Sugar Seville and Xox Voyager.

Things in SL happen quickly! Within the same day we get additional visits by Catherine Omega and Tea Chenille.

As you can see clearly in this above picture - Ian Ah has built his own temporary squat/camp directly beneath my smooth and polished modernist building. Does this mean there is a visible divide between the haves and have-nots of Second Life's Art Elite? ;-)

...and here is a close-up view of Ian's rather ramshackle establishment. It seems like this crash pad of his at least qualifies as being on waterfront property ;-)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Wirxli Flimflam in his/her third celebrity (also known in-world as a SLebrity) appearance in the German tabloid known as The AVA-STAR. This newbie celebrity feature was written by the AVA-STAR reporter, Carrie Sodwind.

Hey folks!

Yes, once again, I appear in the German tabloid, The AVA-Star. It looks like Carrie has interpreted my official gender as being "female" which is fine by me. The more gender-ambigious I look, the more I feel like "myself"... hehheh! I am still not sure what gender I should all depends on the context of the moment, I guess. To read the whole issue, click on this PDF here. For this issue, I am on page #29 (apx. page 16 on the PDF draft). To read about my previous appearances in the AVA-STAR, click here.

In the meantime, here are a couple of souvenir photos from the past week to hold you off while I prepare to blog all about my brand new PR Office on Sugar Seville's Odyssey Island...

Speaking of The AVA-STAR, their headquarters designed by Aimee Weber happens to by one of my preferred drinking holes and social haunts. Here I am with my good friend Nyko Nakamura. We are hanging out for a drink together in the official Ava-Star bar and lounge.


Here I am with some members of Second Front. Sitting next to me with the tan hat is VR Community pundit, Howard Rheingold. Howard appears to have nodded off during the screening of Lynn Hershman Leeson's movie about Steve Kurtz for the Sundance Film Festival. For some reason, I thought "Penny Proost" with the red hair and green dress in the back row (obscured by the trademark "Wacky Wirxli" hairstyle) may have been the Second Life avatar for Tilda Swinton. To view official press coverage from this screening event, please click on this link from Stanford University.

In addition to Stanford's media list, there seemed to be adequate press coverage by the Metaverse Messenger at this screening. M2 Staff photographer, Phedre Dumouriez took an official photo of Second Front but I have not see it published quite yet. M2's staff reporter, Untamable Wildcat was also there but so far has only reviewed the screening itself and not Second Front's performance there.

More details of this screening performance with Second Front can by find by clicking this link here and also this link here.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Here I am being interviewed by Aidan himself in his personal SLEnquirer office. Aidan was wearing this kewl yellow Sex Pistols t-shirt.

Hmmmm..Aidan has a very er... "eccentric" taste in office decor. ;-)
...and here is yet another angle where a large portrait of Aidan's boss, Lanai Jarrico hangs on the far wall...

Hey Performance Art Fans!

SLEnquirer has just published their interview with me about Second Front as a headlne for the Jan 22, 2007 edition on their website.

Just scroll down the headlines for Jan 22 until you see "Performance Art in a Virtual World" by Aidan Aquacade. I hope to get a direct link from Aidan for archival purposes but in the meantime, as of the time of writing this blog posting, the headline is live :-)

Monday, January 22, 2007


As you can see, I am totally exhausted from interviewing Gazira Babeli for SLatenight magazine and now she has to look after me for the rest of the evening. Interviewing someone about Performance Art is even more draining than performing itself...heh heh!

Looks like Gazira just rezzed a bunch of blank white canvasses for us to vomit, is this the 1970s all over again or what??

Hey there Performance Art Fans!

My interview with my Second Front co-member Gazira Babeli has finally been published by SLatenight Magazine!

You can check out the interview by clicking here.

Second Front itself appears also in the same issue because Lythe Witte wrote this very thought provoking view of our Ars Virtua performance...

Check out Lythe Witte's review by clicking here.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Here I am showing off Second Front's appearance in the Ava-Star tabloid's Issue #4. This in-world page illustration was located in the main Ava-Star building complex.

Hey there!

I have been getting alot of press lately from the Ava-Star tabloid which is owned by the same publishers of Die Zeit in Berlin.

My very first appearance in Ava-Star is with Second Front in Issue#4 (see the photo above). In this issue, Second Front appears on page 13 (page 7 on the PDF)...

And as of the time of this posting, my celebrity mug-shot appears on page 12 (page 7 of the PDF) of Issue #5...

In about a week, there will be a special newbie celebrity profile on me by Carrie Sodwind for Issue #6! Stay tuned!

And now, here are some snapshots I took at the Ava-Star Celebrity party....

Here I am at the Ava-Star party peering into one of JC Fremont's classic photo-orbs. Hmmmm... I thought I was in Berlin but it looks like for a moment there, I ended up stepping into Asia or at least I was there in some academic sense :-)

Here we are looking at the backside of Second Life's main in-world photographer, Marco Manray. He is the one who took the official photos for both Ava-Star issues. You can also see JC Fremont with the long pointy hat highlighted in red and Man Michinaga on the far right.

Here is the event organizer, In Kenzo bringing up the Editor-in-Chief from Ava-Star, Regis Braathens to give a speech from the stage platform!

Here is an angle of the dance-floor where you can see Tea Chenille (zebra stripes) and Xox Voyager (blonde hair with a pink suit). It looks like Tea has had too much to drink as she seems to have passed out while standing!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Wirxli Flimflam being interviewed by SL-Newspaper's CEO James T. Juno in his main press office.

Hey there,

Press coverage can flash by really quickly in Second Life. I literally just had an interview with the SL-Newspaper about 15 minutes before this blog was posted. About 10 minutes ago, I get an offline IM from James T. Juno saying that the interview has already been published....whoa!

So, this is breaking news for January 18th and this is literally hot off the press after completing a performance last night with Second Front for Art's Birthday that was streamed into the Western Front in Vancouver. I still have to catch up blogging more about that performance...geez!

Well, if your reading this well after the release-date and the news is no longer fresh, please read this direct link to the interview.

Blogging 'till I drop,

Wirxli Flimflam The SLuxus Groupie.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Performing for Art's Birthday tonight!

Wirxli FLimflam lounging in an office somewhere on the Infinite Mind campus.

Hey there!

These past two weeks have been insanely busy for me!
Check out the Second Front's blog for the recent posting as to what I have been up to...I just cannot keep up with the documentation!

I have been interviewed and conducting interviews on behalf of Second Front at a frenetic pace and I think you will see the fruits of that labour very soon!

I will blog recent media appearances as they arrive. Most of the press will be on the Second Front Blog.

Speaking of events and appearances, I will be performing with Second Front tonight at Man Michinaga's Bitfactory Penthouse Suite for Art's Birthday and this will be streamed live into the Western Front in Vancouver.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Photos of the Ars Virtua Performance Night by Marco Manray!

Here is an official portrait of me by the famous in-world photographer in Second Life, Marco Manray, 2007. The bubbles in the background were generated by my RL Father-in-Law who in SL is known as Bryan Dix. I will blog some pictures of Bryan very soon. This picture was taken at Man Michinaga's after-party in his penthouse.

Here I am with some audience member backstage at the after-party hosted by Man Michinaga at his art center's penthouse. As you can see anvils rezzed by my good friend Chi5 Shenzhou (not pictured here) are still falling on my head like some sort of cartoon re-run. Photo by Marco Manray, 2007.

Hey there performance art fans,

Second Front's "Borders" performance at Ars Virtua was a success!
There were so many people in attendence, my avatar could hardly move!
Oh well, so much for being an efficient border-patrol officer....heh heh ;-)

I think our performance helped to generate some extra press coverage for JC Fremont's and Rain Coalcliff's installation there. Please check it out! Our performance was only an interpretation of the space. The space is an amazing work of functions really well as a stand-alone artwork. Thanks to JC and Rain for allowing us to perform on opening night :-)

Well, I had better start blogging Marco Manray's photos of the actual performance onto the Second Front, blog.

Maybe in a few days, I can finally catch up with the 4 DVDs worth of content that I have ready to post onto this blog ;-)

Wirxli FlimFlam

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Second Front performs at Ars Virtua's Gallery 2 on January 05 (friday)

Promotional Pic of Second Front - Brand new Co-member Gazira Babeli will be added in a future photo.

Hey Bloggers!

Sorry about the short notice but I want to officially remind you that the performance art group that I am a part of called "Second Front" will be performing tomorrow night at 7 PM SL time (PST) at Ars Virtua's Gallery 2.

New World Notes have blogged this event so it should be very exciting!

This will be part of an installation by JC Fremont and Rain Coalcliff relating to the theme of "Borders" so be sure to mill around and check out the space once we are done performing in it.

Wirxli Flimflam

Monday, January 01, 2007


Wirxli Flimflam standing outside the Intelligent Agent Office in the Lichty-Michinaga Arts Center.

Happy New Year!

I hope that 2007 will be a prolific year for me in Second Life. So far, 2006 has been a very busy year for me. I still have a backlog of archived content waiting to be posted onto this blog....sigh! I wonder if I will ever catch up with my recent past!

Anyway, stay tuned for some upcoming events with my performance art group, Second Front. Our next performance is at Ars Virtua on Jan 05 at 7 PM PST. Also, on January 17th, we will have a TBA performance being broadcast into the Western Front for Art's Birthday.