Sunday, January 21, 2007


Here I am showing off Second Front's appearance in the Ava-Star tabloid's Issue #4. This in-world page illustration was located in the main Ava-Star building complex.

Hey there!

I have been getting alot of press lately from the Ava-Star tabloid which is owned by the same publishers of Die Zeit in Berlin.

My very first appearance in Ava-Star is with Second Front in Issue#4 (see the photo above). In this issue, Second Front appears on page 13 (page 7 on the PDF)...

And as of the time of this posting, my celebrity mug-shot appears on page 12 (page 7 of the PDF) of Issue #5...

In about a week, there will be a special newbie celebrity profile on me by Carrie Sodwind for Issue #6! Stay tuned!

And now, here are some snapshots I took at the Ava-Star Celebrity party....

Here I am at the Ava-Star party peering into one of JC Fremont's classic photo-orbs. Hmmmm... I thought I was in Berlin but it looks like for a moment there, I ended up stepping into Asia or at least I was there in some academic sense :-)

Here we are looking at the backside of Second Life's main in-world photographer, Marco Manray. He is the one who took the official photos for both Ava-Star issues. You can also see JC Fremont with the long pointy hat highlighted in red and Man Michinaga on the far right.

Here is the event organizer, In Kenzo bringing up the Editor-in-Chief from Ava-Star, Regis Braathens to give a speech from the stage platform!

Here is an angle of the dance-floor where you can see Tea Chenille (zebra stripes) and Xox Voyager (blonde hair with a pink suit). It looks like Tea has had too much to drink as she seems to have passed out while standing!