Monday, January 08, 2007

Photos of the Ars Virtua Performance Night by Marco Manray!

Here is an official portrait of me by the famous in-world photographer in Second Life, Marco Manray, 2007. The bubbles in the background were generated by my RL Father-in-Law who in SL is known as Bryan Dix. I will blog some pictures of Bryan very soon. This picture was taken at Man Michinaga's after-party in his penthouse.

Here I am with some audience member backstage at the after-party hosted by Man Michinaga at his art center's penthouse. As you can see anvils rezzed by my good friend Chi5 Shenzhou (not pictured here) are still falling on my head like some sort of cartoon re-run. Photo by Marco Manray, 2007.

Hey there performance art fans,

Second Front's "Borders" performance at Ars Virtua was a success!
There were so many people in attendence, my avatar could hardly move!
Oh well, so much for being an efficient border-patrol officer....heh heh ;-)

I think our performance helped to generate some extra press coverage for JC Fremont's and Rain Coalcliff's installation there. Please check it out! Our performance was only an interpretation of the space. The space is an amazing work of functions really well as a stand-alone artwork. Thanks to JC and Rain for allowing us to perform on opening night :-)

Well, I had better start blogging Marco Manray's photos of the actual performance onto the Second Front, blog.

Maybe in a few days, I can finally catch up with the 4 DVDs worth of content that I have ready to post onto this blog ;-)

Wirxli FlimFlam

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