Monday, May 28, 2007

nOObjectivity #1...

nOObject performance video-document #1 (no audio) recorded by Plurabelle Posthorn.
If you cannot see this embedded video, click here.

nOObject performance video-document #2 (no audio) recorded by Plurabelle Posthorn.
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Additional nOObject performance video-document by DannyDarko Raymaker (no audio) - Clip 01.
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Additional nOObject performance video-document by DannyDarko Raymaker (no audio) - Clip 02.
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For the 3rd video by DannyDarko Raymaker, click on this link.

This is the official gig poster for the entire exhibition. My critical nOObject performance with the critics Dr. Pastichan Yifu and Dr. Lisa Dapto opened the exhibition on May 25th, 2007.

Hey performance art fans and nOObie builders,

A few afternoons ago, I performed at Plurabelle Posthorn's new Norwegian exhibition space in Second Life called the Gallery urEN lUREN.

This gallery was located in the virtual region of Norway called Trollhaugen.

You can read all about this event on Plurabelle's Ning Page and her personal blog.

To summarize, here was what the performance was all about:

1) Wirxli may be an established performance artist but is a total nOOb when it comes to building anything.

2) So, Wirxli decides to seriously attempt to build an object for the very first time in Plurabelle's gallery as a performance. Wirxli calls this object a nOObject as Wirxli is literally learning to build this object in realtime and is therefore a genuine piece of performative "social sculpture". Wirxli gives him/herself only 20 minutes to build each nOObject.

3) Wirxli creates two nOObjects - one for each art critic (special guests: Dr. Lisa Dapto and Dr. Pastichan Yifu) to take and modify while giving an academic critique in realtime. Each critic also gets 20 minutes to actively and directly rebuild Wirxli's nOObjects in accordance with their critical whims and formalist agendas.

4) The critics then donate the critically approved nOObject to the curator for archiving in the gallery exhibition.

5) From doing this, Wirxli hopes to empower the critics' decisions through pro-active and embedded participation. The critic becomes the co-creator rather than the passive theoretician without any of the necessary direct experience nor agency to properly be justified in criticizing the original intentions of the artist.

6) Does this make sense? Probably not... I think I need either Dr. Yifu and/or Dr. Dapto to revise my blog posting here and help me articulate my ideas a little better..sheesh! I feel like this is a nOOblog or something ;-)

Anyways, the event was off to a good start. Dr. Yifu managed to critically purify the unique character right out of my first! Awesome! He was definitely very patient as far as art-critics go because my first attempt at a nOObject was stolen by one of the audience members (probably my daughter, Fwwixli)...Anyways, it took quite sometime before I was able to reproduce that nOObject #1 for Dr. Yifu.

Then it occurred to me that fame is not always a good thing...I had so many audience members in attendence for my performance, the sim was too full for Dr. Dapto to gain proper entry into the gallery space for the 2nd crit...sigh! Arrrgh!

At this point, the audience was getting kinda restless and I do not blame them...I mean, how exciting can laggy critical theory be?

So, we will have to rebook our crit session with Dr. Dapto sometime next week...ok?

In the meantime, check out these pix...

Here I am on the official social-sculpture stage waiting for more people to show up...I ended up packing the sim to much so that Dr. Lisa Dapto could not log in to give her active crit...sigh! The guy with the green hair is Digi Weaver..He is a good friend of mine who showed up to take a pic of me for one of his many research projects. Also in attendence is my bodyguard, Bear Brooks and my adopted daughter, Fwwixli Swindlehurst...I also took this time to announce the concept behind this performance...

Other VIPs I forgot to mention that managed to show up were Spinster Voom of the Pages exhibition in London, SPark Magazine's Aidan Aquacade, Bryan Dix (formerly of SL-Newspaper)and of course the curator herself, Plurabelle Posthorn

Ok, so here was what my very first nOObject looked like. Not bad for my very first serious attempt at building, eh? Some might say, it even had the mark of its maker ;-) Dr. Pastichan Yifu is that studly dude sitting down on the bench on the right-hand side of this snapshot. I really like Plurabelle's pants and purple hair. There is nothing cooler than a curator who wears the gig poster as her pair of pants :-) I think the obvious subjectivity in my work oughtta provoke Dr. Yifu enough to want to seriously critically purify the crap outta this particular nOObject.

Sure enough, Dr. Yifu stripped the cone of its Americanesque overtones and academically ensured that his critically approved version of my nOObject was as formalist, minimalist and "objective" as possible...heheheh... Am I really surprised that he preferred to make it horizontal and gray? Next to the cone was supposed to be the same set of fire-flames that I used (although using the more neutral orange colour - but is fire really orange?)....I guess his fire was spouting more theory than practice as it never seemed to light!

Here is a more critically correct angle of Dr. Yifu's purification ritual. In this pic you can also detect the presence of Tran Spire from Second Front and I should also point out that Fwwixli has managed to find the shoulder's of my personal bodyguard, Bear Brooks...phew!

...and here is the 2nd nOObject I made for Dr. Lisa Dapto but she had login problems...sigh! This one was called "Family Affair - Ageplay Relations" and was dedicated to my daughter Fwwix...

To learn more about this 2nd nOObject, check out my official blog posting with Fwwixli Swindlehurst on the subject. bore you even is the totally unedited transcript:

[14:52] Lanai Jarrico is Online
[14:52] Bingo Onomatopoeia is Online
[14:52] Bryan Dix is Online
[14:54] spinster Voom: wb everyone
[14:54] Conover's SuperSmooth Flight-Helper 3.0a whispers: Conover's Ultra-Smooth Flight-Helper activated...
[14:54] You: sigh, we all crashed
[14:55] Plurabelle Posthorn: Did you plan this Wirxli?
[14:55] spinster Voom: ah well, it's fixed the lag a bit
[14:55] Fwwixli Swindlehurst is Online
[14:55] You: nope, it crashed
[14:55] You: my nOObject is still here..yaaay!
[14:55] Oberon Lane: es que me meo
[14:56] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hey pandora :)
[14:56] DannyDarko Raymaker: cheers
[14:56] Pandora Wake: Hey FWW:)
[14:56] Bear Brooks: hide
[14:56] You: ok...let me take a pic of the nOObject and then pass it to Pastichan
[14:56] Pandora Wake: wow nice hair garret:)
[14:56] Garret Bakalava: Ty
[14:56] JamesT Juno is Offline
[14:57] You: ok..I took my nOObject
[14:57] You: oh, let me re-rez it for a photo
[14:57] aidan Aquacade is Online
[14:57] Pandora Wake: clueless as usual:)
[14:58] You: oh gawd..where did my fire go?
[14:58] Pandora Wake: :)
[14:58] Pandora Wake: sup Bear?
[14:58] Bear Brooks: hello pandora
[14:58] Pandora Wake: hello:)
[14:59] You: HEy Plurabelle, I set it to be modified by the next owner but it says no-modify in my inventory,...why?
[14:59] Pandora Wake: burning flag party hats? my kind of fun haha
[15:00] Plurabelle Posthorn: have you linked it?
[15:00] Lamatryne Almodovar: lol
[15:00] You: I thought I did
[15:00] Plurabelle Posthorn: try again
[15:01] You: just the one without the fire
[15:01] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: as far as I can remember
[15:01] You: is there a modify protection on the fire?
[15:01] spinster Voom: could be
[15:01] Pastichan Yifu: I would like to increase the size of the fire
[15:01] You: ARRRGHH!
[15:01] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: hi there.
[15:01] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: there we are again.
[15:01] Pandora Wake: yeah cant mod that fire.
[15:01] Plurabelle Posthorn: hm, it can be, check it when you rez tit
[15:01] Plurabelle Posthorn: it
[15:01] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: have you been kicked out too?
[15:02] Bear Brooks: draw
[15:02] You: ok...but I was able to change the colour before
[15:02] Plurabelle Posthorn: can you modify the fire?
[15:02] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: yothe sim crashed
[15:02] You: I modified the fire before to purple
[15:02] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: oh damn.
[15:02] Pandora Wake: weird wir, must have been a glitch
[15:02] You: and then the sim crashed
[15:02] You: I will just take a pic of this and then give the fire to Pastichan
[15:02] Bear Brooks: nosafe
[15:03] Gwenette Writer: Hey Swindlehurst!! I want one hehe :)
[15:03] spinster Voom: the other way you could do it is "can modify my objects" on the friends menyu
[15:03] Bear Brooks: hide
[15:03] You: ok
[15:03] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: beg !
[15:03] You: let me take a pixc
[15:03] You: pic
[15:04] DannyDarko Raymaker: cheers
[15:04] Gwenette Writer: Aloha All!
[15:04] Pandora Wake: well thx for the TP but sans explaination I don't know what is going on.
[15:04] Plurabelle Posthorn: it's very nice as it is, wonder what the critic could do to improove it...
[15:04] Pastichan Yifu: Haven't got the object yet
[15:05] You: yeah, that is the challenge
[15:05] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: afk
[15:05] Pastichan Yifu: Real challenge indeed, as I am a total newbie
[15:05] aidan Aquacade: paint some "go-faster stripes" on it
[15:05] You: it is time to give this to the critic, Pastichan Yifu to improve :-)
[15:05] DannyDarko Raymaker: great
[15:06] Pastichan Yifu accepted your inventory offer.
[15:06] You: ok..lets hope Pastichan can modify it
[15:06] You: things seem a little glitchy today
[15:06] Maxxo Klaar: good evening
[15:06] Nicci Lane: what is one trying to modify??
[15:06] You shout: feel free to come up on the stage, pastichan and work your magic
[15:07] Pastichan Yifu: No more American Flag, sorry to all you Yanks out there
[15:07] myOwnJetPack 0.11: Please type 'X help' for more help with commands
[15:08] You: hmmm.why black, Pastichan?
[15:08] Rain Coalcliff is Online
[15:09] You: so no texture at all?
[15:10] You: ok..I chose the American flag because it matches my pants
[15:10] You: should my work be more objective than subjective?
[15:10] DeThomas Dibou is Online
[15:11] Ben-go! (only works on the ground): You aren't the owner
[15:11] Tran Spire is Online
[15:11] You: so, I guess Pastichan wants me to be less representation(?)
[15:12] You: representational, I mean
[15:12] You: I guess Pastichan will give a crit about why he modded it the way he did
[15:13] You: HEy Tran
[15:13] Tran Spire: hey
[15:13] Bear Brooks: Hello Fwwixli
[15:13] Gwenette Writer: ALoha Poor Writer
[15:13] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: lo tran :)
[15:13] You: Dr. Pastichan is just modifying my nOObject to make it more critically acceptable
[15:13] Poor Writer: Hi
[15:13] Gwenette Writer: r u eally a writer type person:)
[15:13] Tran Spire: hey Fww
[15:13] Poor Writer: Poorly
[15:13] Gwenette Writer: hehe
[15:13] Poor Writer: :)
[15:13] DannyDarko Raymaker: cheers Tran
[15:13] Gwenette Writer: u have been to Bok Ilsand?
[15:14] Gwenette Writer: Book Island
[15:14] Tran Spire: hey Danny
[15:14] Poor Writer: I have been several places.
[15:14] Gwenette Writer: well here is a LM I think u might find it interesting:)
[15:14] Poor Writer: ok
[15:14] Gwenette Writer: I have to go now nice chatting:)
[15:14] Poor Writer: thanks
[15:14] Gwenette Writer: Aloha Nui Loa!
[15:14] Poor Writer: bye
[15:15] LillyEliska Kralomoc is Online
[15:15] Bingo Onomatopoeia is Offline
[15:15] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:15] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:15] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:15] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:16] You: lots of action going on ;-)
[15:16] Loop Luo is Offline
[15:17] Loop Luo is Online
[15:17] Plurabelle Posthorn: i'm filming...
[15:17] You: thanks!
[15:17] Lamatryne Almodovar: minimalist art:)
[15:17] You: yes, it looks minimalist
[15:17] You: hopefully, when Dr. Pastichan is done, he will explain quickly why he changed everything
[15:17] You: ...sniff!
[15:18] Garret Bakalava: maybe he is mute
[15:18] You: heheheh
[15:18] Bingo Onomatopoeia is Online
[15:18] Garret Bakalava: the best critics should be
[15:18] Flight Band: All Go
[15:18] You: better to say nothing at all than something bad ;-)
[15:18] Nicci Lane: lol
[15:18] You: heheheheh
[15:18] Bingo Onomatopoeia: hi all!
[15:18] You: hey Bingo
[15:18] Nicci Lane: hi
[15:19] Object: Touched by angel number 8
[15:19] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:19] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:19] You: hmmm...
[15:20] Man Michinaga is Offline
[15:20] Zapper Marat: Hi Hun.... Hallo alle sammen
[15:20] Fwwixli Swindlehurst is Offline
[15:20] Bergino Dale: hei Zapper :-)
[15:20] Garret Bakalava: Hi baby
[15:20] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:20] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:20] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: hi
[15:20] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:20] Zaboogie Zabelin: look watch
[15:20] You: this critic's version is really looking minimal..matches the furniture though ;-)
[15:20] Zaboogie Zabelin: its about my vehicals watch
[15:20] You: hmmm...
[15:21] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:22] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:22] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to max power
[15:22] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to half power
[15:22] Nicci Lane: ahhh actors
[15:22] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to max power
[15:22] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to half power
[15:22] Future Buggy (Scripted by Harry): Switching to max power
[15:23] You shout: ok people.... Lisa Dapto is online now...
[15:23] You: she is the 2nd critic
[15:23] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:23] Suki Usitnov shouts: yayyyy for lisa
[15:23] Coventina Mendicant shouts: woot!!!
[15:23] DannyDarko Raymaker: yaayyy
[15:23] Suki Usitnov shouts: party party party
[15:23] Coventina Mendicant shouts: need for shouting...
[15:24] Coventina Mendicant shouts: did you hear me?????
[15:24] You: so, while Pastichan completes his object, I will make a new one for Lisa to crit
[15:24] Suki Usitnov shouts: can i have lisa`s autograph ?
[15:24] Coventina Mendicant shouts: art sucks...
[15:24] You: yeah, art does suck
[15:24] You: this is why we need critics to improve it
[15:25] Suki Usitnov shouts: the best art is done with needles and a sterilising agent . paint is for pansys
[15:25] Plurabelle Posthorn: great!
[15:25] Juria Yoshikawa: hi plurabelle
[15:25] Plurabelle Posthorn: hi Juria1 welcome
[15:25] Fwwixli Swindlehurst is Online
[15:26] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:26] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:26] You shout: ok everyone...Pastichan is done with his critically approved nOObject...
[15:27] You: he will now give his crit while Lisa tries to log in...
[15:28] Suki Usitnov shouts: ok seriously all sarcasim aside . you realise that your in a public sim that you own a very small part of and your shouting just to reach the poeple who can already hear you is rude and obnoxious right ?
[15:28] Object does not appear to be for sale.
[15:28] Object does not appear to be for sale.
[15:28] Object does not appear to be for sale.
[15:28] You: can everyone hear me?
[15:28] You: ok, Pastichan's flames are supposed to be animating
[15:28] Plurabelle Posthorn: yes
[15:28] You: oh ok..sorry
[15:28] You: I thought it was a big sim
[15:29] You: ok, i will just talk them
[15:29] You: then
[15:29] You: ok, here is Pastichan's crit
[15:29] You: in the meantime, I will build a new nOObject for Lisa...
[15:29] You: I will build it over here...
[15:29] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:30] You can't create trees and grass on land you don't own
[15:30] Pastichan Yifu: Basically my intention is not to pass jugdment as to whether Wirxli's object is good or bad. I am more concern about the relation that exists between the critic and the artist, and ultimately what and where is the "art object"
[15:31] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:31] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:31] Tran Spire: Go Wirxli, Go!
[15:31] Pastichan Yifu: I mean in the artworld, on Second LIfe or in RL,the art object is always going to be mediated by theforces that surround the "art object"
[15:32] Garret Bakalava: why are you building it in front of the critic's piece?
[15:32] You: no room left on the stage
[15:32] Pastichan Yifu: As a critic, I can exert certain kinds of forces on the production process of the artist (Wirxli in this case), and either he or I can change it.
[15:33] Nicci Lane: hi lisa
[15:33] Pastichan Yifu: In may be less common in fine art practices, but in the design world, everything you do will be subjected to changes by your colleagues and friends
[15:33] You: yaaay..Lisa made it!
[15:33] You: I am almost ready for your crit Lisa
[15:33] Lisa Dapto: hey nicci
[15:33] You: it will be the one I am working on now
[15:33] Pastichan Yifu: Your supervisor can go up to your drawing (floor plans, etc) and make marks over it to change it
[15:33] Lisa Dapto: hey guys; a thousand pardons
[15:34] Lisa Dapto: please excuse me
[15:34] You: Pastichan is critting the other minimal one
[15:34] Tran Spire: Hi Lisa!
[15:34] You: allow me introduce you to Dr. Lisa Dapto
[15:34] Pastichan Yifu: Hi Lisa how are things
[15:34] Lisa Dapto: thanks for the tp tran
[15:34] You: who will be criticizing the piece I am working on now
[15:34] Tran Spire: np
[15:34] Lisa Dapto: hi everyone, hi pas
[15:34] Lisa Dapto: happy to do so
[15:34] You: should be ready in 5-10 mins
[15:34] You: like instant rice ;-)
[15:34] Lisa Dapto: really a million apologies; had some tech issues
[15:34] Lisa Dapto: cool carry on
[15:34] You: no worries, Lisa
[15:34] Nicci Lane: love tec issues not!!
[15:35] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:35] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:36] Pastichan Yifu: I guess my alteration of Wirxli's object is merely a demonstration of the complex relations between artist andd critic
[15:36] Pastichan Yifu: In fact most critics ca to some degree make art and design, and artist can write theory and criticism as well
[15:36] DeThomas Dibou is Offline
[15:37] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:37] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:38] elros Tuominen: oh hello Plurabelle :)
[15:38] Plurabelle Posthorn: hi elros!
[15:38] You: ok..I took the object to put into my inventory
[15:38] elros Tuominen: nice necklace LOL......
[15:38] Plurabelle Posthorn: yes, beautiful
[15:38] elros Tuominen: I am trying to tp Pan :)
[15:39] You: ok..just making sure Lisa has full permission rights before I give it away
[15:39] elros Tuominen: well, just a piece of some star :)
[15:39] Pandora Wake: I might be here:)
[15:39] elros Tuominen: hello Pan :)
[15:39] Pandora Wake: hello:)
[15:39] elros Tuominen: you are you are :)
[15:39] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:39] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:39] Maxxo Klaar is Offline
[15:40] Maxxo Klaar is Online
[15:41] Pandora Wake: who?
[15:41] You: ok everyone
[15:41] You: nOObject #2 is complete from the artist's perspective
[15:41] Mychelle Foley shouts: Marco
[15:41] You: it is called "A Family Affair"
[15:41] You: and now I will give it to Lisa...
[15:41] Suki Usitnov shouts: polo
[15:41] Prijian Toland claps
[15:42] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:42] User not online - inventory has been saved.
[15:42] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:42] Pandora Wake: I still dont know what we are doing? haha
[15:42] You: almost crashed there
[15:42] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: dad is building n00b objects
[15:42] You: ok Lia, I gave you the nOObject
[15:42] You: *Lisa
[15:42] You: did you get it?
[15:43] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:43] Pandora Wake: you kno0w you really need a moron in every crowd, just in case others arent willing to say they dont get it:)
[15:43] Suki Usitnov shouts: hey any of you arty guys need an escort ? ive got a discount on virgins this week
[15:43] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:43] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: and critics are modyfying them and remarking on them
[15:43] You: sounds good Suki
[15:43] You: I always need an escort
[15:43] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: DAD !!!!
[15:43] Pandora Wake: haha suki:)
[15:43] You: having connection problems, Lisa?
[15:43] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:44] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:44] Pandora Wake: my mom has an's not a bad car:P
[15:44] JamesT Juno is Online
[15:44] Juria Yoshikawa: lol
[15:44] elros Tuominen: ahhahahahah
[15:44] You: do not worry, Fwwix..I will find an escort for you too
[15:44] You: hahahaha
[15:44] elros Tuominen: not a bad really :)
[15:44] Tran Spire: she appears to be having connection problems
[15:44] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: shhhh
[15:44] You: yeah, are things going over there?
[15:45] Pandora Wake: elros do you have any idea wtf?
[15:45] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:45] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:45] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:45] Plurabelle Posthorn: Action!
[15:45] Juria Yoshikawa: Cameras!
[15:45] You: oh geez, I think Lisa is crashing alot..sigh!
[15:45] Pandora Wake: I mean there is some building and it all looks quite interesting
[15:45] Plurabelle Posthorn: sorry i'm filming...
[15:45] elros Tuominen: me? I am really wondering since I have come :)
[15:45] elros Tuominen: oh :)
[15:45] Pandora Wake: but I am still in the twlighlight zone:)
[15:45] You: keep on filming if you can Plurabelle
[15:45] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:45] You: we are all in the twilight zone
[15:45] elros Tuominen: yes, this one is :)
[15:45] Pandora Wake: ohhh okay Plur:)
[15:46] Plurabelle Posthorn: did we loose Lisa?
[15:46] You: right now, we are waiting for Lisa to sign on in a stable way and then she will give a crit of my nOObject
[15:46] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:46] You: it looks like this, for all those who want to see it again
[15:46] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: she did and crashed again
[15:46] You: and there is the original of the other one
[15:46] Juria Yoshikawa: whoooo!
[15:46] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:46] Plurabelle Posthorn: this will be number two then?
[15:46] You: for reference
[15:46] You: yes, this #2 for Lisa
[15:47] Pandora Wake: but what is the theme?
[15:47] You: it is a linked nOObject which is why it looks more than singular
[15:47] You: theme is "nOObjectivity"
[15:47] Pandora Wake: ow what? does everyone know except me?
[15:47] Plurabelle Posthorn: nOObject is the theme...
[15:47] Plurabelle Posthorn: oh, sorry..
[15:47] Pandora Wake: that sounds esoteric haha
[15:47] You: yeah, this one here for Lisa is called "Family Affair"
[15:47] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:47] You: and is about my relationship with my foster daughter, Fwwixli
[15:47] You: :-D
[15:47] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:47] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: :PPPPPP
[15:48] Plurabelle Posthorn: i recognized her teddybear there
[15:48] You: and the tornado/flame one earlier is called...uhhhh....
[15:48] Juria Yoshikawa: is the nOOblect american?
[15:48] You: "Untitled" ;-)
[15:48] Pandora Wake: hahaha, well it will takes years to work through that particuliar complex, I hope you have a lot of money:)
[15:48] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:48] You: hmmm..I will let the critic decide that
[15:48] Pandora Wake: and if you do...I am sure I can help;)
[15:48] You: great Pandora...maybe I can think outside of Pandora's box ;-)
[15:48] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:49] You: what do you think of my nOObject here, Fwwix?
[15:49] Lisa Dapto: freeplay of atoms in time and space held together by light and love
[15:49] Pandora Wake: that is probably a good idea wir:)
[15:49] Juria Yoshikawa: i wish i had her box
[15:49] Lisa Dapto: this is the sound of one critic clapping
[15:49] You: yaaay! you are back, Lisa
[15:49] You: I will give the object to you now
[15:49] You: I have to take it first
[15:49] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:49] You: did you get it, Lisa?
[15:50] You: ooops, she crashed again...arrrgghh!
[15:50] Lamatryne Almodovar: lol
[15:50] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:50] You: Australia must have alaggy connection down under ;-)
[15:50] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: play your didjeridoo pan
[15:50] Pandora Wake: you know wir you really shouls take those smokes away from Fwwixili:)
[15:50] You: hahahahahah
[15:50] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: might help
[15:50] You: Fwwixli is allowed to smoke
[15:50] You: unless she hates my sculpture
[15:50] You: if she hates it, no more ciggies for her
[15:50] Pandora Wake: haha:)
[15:50] elros Tuominen: lol
[15:50] In Kenzo is Offline
[15:50] Garret Bakalava: lol
[15:51] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:51] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: I actually moved to inhalers
[15:51] You: damn!
[15:51] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:51] Garret Bakalava: good for you Fwwixli
[15:51] You: actually, "family affair" is also about your new inhaler addiction
[15:51] You: you cannot keep secrets from me,Fwwix!
[15:52] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:52] You: Hey Dr. Pastichan, can we talk more about your nOObject mod?
[15:52] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: pan ? you got a ben go ?
[15:52] You: while waiting for Lisa?
[15:52] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:52] Pandora Wake: well Plur, I am pretty impressed, you freinds are just plain freaky from what I can tell haha
[15:52] Pandora Wake: ben go?
[15:52] You: hmmm..I hope my sculpture is not crashing Lisa's connection
[15:53] Pandora Wake: I am SO confused:)
[15:53] Plurabelle Posthorn: let's ben go while we wait
[15:53] Tran Spire: show Fww the security video you made of her, Wir!
[15:53] elros Tuominen: I could tell you something if I would understand a word tho :)
[15:53] Pandora Wake: hmmm a pogo stick:) okay ty Fww:)
[15:53] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:53] You: it would be less confusing if there were no grid problems
[15:53] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:53] You: do not worry, Fwwix, I have deleted most vids
[15:53] Nicci Lane: I froze,
[15:53] You: most
[15:53] You: yeah, sim is very laggy
[15:53] Lisa Dapto: wirx, the sim is not open
[15:54] Tran Spire: oh, I thought the grid problems were part of your sculpture Wir
[15:54] Pandora Wake: I know elros. I think this is pure impromptu performance art.
[15:54] Nicci Lane: very around here
[15:54] You: lag is usually the death of the art critic
[15:54] You: not open?
[15:54] Pandora Wake: but music would be great too.
[15:54] You: heheheh
[15:54] Tran Spire: yeah music and dancing would be good
[15:54] elros Tuominen: oh impromptu art, yes, I have heard of it...
[15:54] Tran Spire: while we wait
[15:54] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: didje
[15:54] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:54] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: pull out your didje
[15:54] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:55] Lisa Dapto: will email you wirx this is great work; great!
[15:55] Tran Spire: Lisa do you want us to hold onto you so do don't disappear again?
[15:55] elros Tuominen: take care Pan there's some impromptu pieces over your head :P
[15:55] You: ok
[15:55] Pastichan Yifu is Offline
[15:55] You: Pastichan crashed too
[15:55] You: could be the sim
[15:55] Pandora Wake: no doubt:)
[15:55] Tran Spire: go with the flowWir
[15:56] Catherine Omega is Online
[15:56] Tran Spire: tell us a story
[15:56] elros Tuominen: thanks Pan... many thanks
[15:56] You: maybe the sim is full..sigh!
[15:56] Failed to place object at specified location. Please try again.
[15:56] elros Tuominen: I really wanted some music... :)
[15:56] Object: Touched by angel number 4
[15:56] You: ok, I am putting this sculpture back up
[15:56] Pandora Wake: yeah it really works with the pogo stick and the didgeredoo:)
[15:56] You: ...and here is my other one
[15:56] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[15:57] Plurabelle Posthorn: put out one of your music sculptures elros!
[15:57] You: ok Pastichan crashed too...arrrgghh!
[15:57] Tran Spire: anyone know any jokes?
[15:57] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: London....
[15:57] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: secret...
[15:57] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...controller of this vast network...
[15:57] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...
[15:57] You: I think Lisa had to go...sigh!
[15:57] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...upon who's shoulders...
[15:57] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...ever alert...
[15:58] Pandora Wake: :)
[15:58] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: ...cut away you fool!
[15:58] Tran Spire: How many performance avatars does it take to build a sculpture?
[15:58] Catherine Omega is Offline
[15:58] Nicci Lane: sound is good
[15:58] Pandora Wake: well I mean are we all meant to build onto it?
[15:58] aidan Aquacade is Offline
[15:59] You: I think due to technical difficulties, we will have to end this performance
[15:59] Pandora Wake: 13?
[15:59] You: and try it again some other time
[15:59] Tran Spire: close
[15:59] Pandora Wake: :/
[15:59] elros Tuominen: build onto that one?......
[15:59] Plurabelle Posthorn: hey Wirxl, there will be many more nOObjects, wont it?
[15:59] Prijian Toland claps
[15:59] Lisa Dapto is Online
[15:59] Outy's Particle Dancer v1.4: Online
[15:59] You: oh Lisa is back
[15:59] Outy's Particle Dancer v1.4: Standing by...
[15:59] aidan Aquacade is Online
[16:00] You: I was just going to make two for each critic unless more time allowed
[16:00] Plurabelle Posthorn: ok, we try one more time?
[16:00] You: I know Lisa is short on time
[16:00] Garret Bakalava: perhaps she could comment
[16:00] elros Tuominen: oh Pan, it's nice sitting here really :))
[16:00] Pandora Wake: I can tell the story of creation.
[16:00] Pandora Wake: but it is long and drawn out and exceeds the attention span of the ones it brought about:)
[16:00] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hopyi ?
[16:00] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hopi ?
[16:01] elros Tuominen: :))
[16:01] Tran Spire: Wir, is your sculpture for sale?
[16:01] You: it would not long and drawn out if for all the connection problems (honestly)
[16:01] You: yeah, mine is cheaper version
[16:01] You: when the critics modify it, I mark it up
[16:01] Pandora Wake: I think really all the creations story merge
[16:01] Tran Spire: how much
[16:01] Pandora Wake: haha wir:)
[16:01] Lisa Dapto is Offline
[16:02] Pandora Wake: odd that you mention critics.
[16:02] You: ok. I think Lisa will have to come back some other time to work on it
[16:02] Pandora Wake: shit my phone is ringing.
[16:02] Pandora Wake: burb.
[16:02] elros Tuominen: :))
[16:02] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: bye everybody. cu
[16:02] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
[16:02] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: have to leave.
[16:02] DannyDarko Raymaker: bye
[16:02] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: see you gerd
[16:02] You: Hey Plurabelle, Pastichan crashed before he could give you his nOObject mod
[16:02] Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar: cu all
[16:02] You: feel free to take it and rename it for the archives
[16:03] You: he crashed before he could rename it
[16:03] Plurabelle Posthorn: ok, thanks Wirxli!
[16:03] You: Lisa, can you hear me?
[16:03] Plurabelle Posthorn: Thank you so much you gret performance artist!
[16:03] DannyDarko Raymaker shouts: the ONE!
[16:03] You: lol..too bad about the tech difficulties
[16:03] You: it would have been alot smoother otherwise
[16:03] You: ok, no response from Lisa
[16:04] Mychelle Foley shouts: THE ONLY>>>>>>>>>>>> ANNOYING LAG MAKERS!
[16:04] You: ok, everyone, i will leave my nOObjects here for Plurabelle
[16:04] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: oh damn neighbours
[16:04] DannyDarko Raymaker: allright
[16:04] You: Plurabelle, feel free to take these nOObjects
[16:04] Coventina Mendicant arches her back and screams while gripping the silk sheets 'oh god, please fuck me harder!'
[16:05] You: and keep them here including Pastichan's
[16:05] You: I gotta go into RL now
[16:05] Suki Usitnov shouts: ok thaqts it this lag is getting beyond ... in 15 minutes im calling ten guys with orbitors and anyone with a first name starting with the letters a through to Z is getting shot
[16:05] You: sorry about the connection problems
[16:05] Tran Spire is Offline
[16:05] Mychelle Foley thrusts her hips harder" you like that dont you?"
[16:05] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: kiss mom for me dad
[16:05] Loop Luo is Offline
[16:05] You: will do
[16:05] Suki Usitnov shouts: cant you see we are trying to have a kinky 3 way girl on girl orgy over here with strap ons and dogs and whips and shit i mean come on
[16:05] Plurabelle Posthorn accepted your inventory offer.
[16:05] Bear Brooks: draw
[16:05] Plurabelle Posthorn accepted your inventory offer.
[16:06] DannyDarko Raymaker: really nice place
[16:06] DannyDarko Raymaker: cheers to everybody
[16:06] Fwwixli Swindlehurst: hehe
[16:06] You: ok..bye
[16:06] You: maybe I can continue the piece with Lisa Dapto when her connection improves
[16:06] DannyDarko Raymaker: cheers my friend

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pizza SLut!

Here I am in some kitchen about to personally deliver some piping hot panned pizzas to the NMConnect curator, In Kenzo. My co-delivery SLemale colleagues, Second Front carefully ensured that all the droopy toppings would be dripping with layers of cheesy art-theory!

Hey performance art and pizza SLuts,

Last night, Second Front performed our freshest performance called "Pizza SLuts".

All 8 of us were meeting curators, media CEOs and other VIPs from our combined friends lists to personally deliver them fresh SLices (or box or truckload) of singing pizza :-)

Most people enjoyed the pizza in the spirit of goodwill and fun but not everyone took our charity and hospitality to heart.

Some people at the World Stock Exchange even threatened to file abuse reports...sigh!

You can read all about that incident here.

On the lighter side of the SLice, we greeted nOObs who were entering Orientation Island for the first time with pizza. We also personally delivered pizzas to In Kenzo and Ars Virtua's curator, Rubaiyat Shatner.

You could say that we were thinking "inside the box"...heee heee hee! :-D

Anyways, please check out the official Second Front blog to learn more about us Pizza SLuts!

Oh, before I sleep in RL for the night, I just wanted to mention that I have a performance tomorrow with the critics Lisa Dapto aka. Lisa Dethridge and Pastichan Yifu aka Patrick Foong Chan in Plurabelle Posthorn's exhibition space.

For more information, click on this link here.



Saturday, May 19, 2007

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Performance for Enniv Zarf's Sculpture Competition...

If you cannot see this video, click here.
If you want to see Wirxli with his/her usual clothes on, you are out of luck! ;-)

Here are the assembled members of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse after completing today's show at Enniv Zarf's Krystal Epic compound ...We were all trying to cram ourselves in front of our tiny logo on display at Zarf's SintixErr Gallery for a photo-shoot... I think we need a larger logo...sigh!

Plurabelle Posthorn has reviewed this show on the Virtual Artists' Alliance blog.

Hey performance art and new muzak fans,

I have just finished performing with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.
I am really tired in RL right now (mega headache) but hey, I was able to make it in time to perform...phew!

Once again, we performed Rue Blanche by Miulew Takahe and WNK by Bingo Onomatopoeia.

Unlike previous performances and rehearsals of these two compositions, Loop Luo streamed the event live in both audio and video formats for those outside SL to check out the concert as it happened...

I am hoping to get some archives from this event very soon so please stay tuned to this the meantime, check out these photos and the rest of this blog...

This pic was taken right at the beginning of the concert..Check out the cars in the background..they were offered as prizes or maybe it was part of Enniv's car competition or something... Expect to hear alot more on the subject of the "best cars in Second Life" very very soon :-) That curvy thingy on the right is the Bingophone, I think...

I forgot to mention that we performed as part of the Spirit Fens Art Festival also known as "Artomatic". Hmmm...the festival seems to be based in Washington, DC - I wonder if our performance was projected into a RL gallery there? I will have ask Enniv more about the details behind our performance venue as I had no idea about any of this until I read the giant billboard hyping the sponsor(s) on the wall...always good to know who your sponsors are...I wish to thank Enniv Zarf for inviting us, by the way... Speaking of sponsors, it was great to see that SL Reports was officially covering the helped that they also acted as one of the many official sponsors for this festival :-) this point, we were firing up Bingo's composition... Oh a quick tangent - I really like Miulew's shirt! :-) I think the whole event went quite well...phew!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rear Window with Great Escape...

Here I am with Great Escape... we are roleplaying our usual performance-art remediation routine but for this session, we are beginning to resemble Lou and Andy from Little Britain...sigh! In the chat-history, you will notice that the ghosts of Rudy, Ana and Tristan are doing some realtime translation for me. You may also be taking note of the fact that one of my shoes has disappeared into the floor...Is this a glitch or some carefully calculated aesthetic consideration? You be the judge.... ;-)

Hey performance art and Hithcock fans,

Ok, here is yet another performance-art-remediation-print duo with Second Front co-member, Great Escape.

So, this one is a remake of a remake - go figure!

Let give you the art-historical breakdown for you...To summarize, GE copied Pierre Huyghe who copied Alfred Hitchcock who may have copied.....hmmmm...the list may as well be endless...sigh!

Well, for a more immediate reference, I am playing Grace Kelley and he is playing Jimmy Stewart and now for some more photos because I am running out of steam and it is way past my RL bedtime...

Finally! I have managed to free my foot from the floor...This has given me enough leverage to mess around with GE's cast...maybe I can now autograph it or something ;-)

This close-up pic is alluding to something lewd, right? Or, is it just your dirty imagination...shame on you! Heheheheheheheh....

Ok, now we look like a pair of eerie ghosts and/or zombies from a Haunted House Machinima flick or something like that..... I really like GE's set design...I was staring at his lamp for quite some time while striking the pose...

Yes, here is an angle for your edutainment that includes the much hyped "rear window"... At this point, I am debating with myself as to whether or not I still wish to be Grace Kelley even though our posing session has literally just finished...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Concert at xxXtension...

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
If you cannot see this embedded video, click here.

If you cannot see this embedded video, click here.

It is first thing in the morning in SL (but late afternoon in Europe and Scandinavia) and we are just about to perform some found sounds...


Hey performance art, La-Z Boy and new muzak fans,

Ok, I am blogging this behind schedule because RL is starting to gradually take over my Second Life ... I am basically in denial as I type out this blog - I am still under the delusion that I can successfully multitask both lives (not to mention all my avatar ALTs and their respective blogs)...

Sigh! The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse concert at the xxXtension space in Regensburg (Odyssey Island) began at 6:30 AM SL time which meant I had to wake up at 6 AM and I am NOT a morning person...sigh! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Well, I hope this was videotaped so I can just embed the video into this blog and not have to descrive every detail of this event...I really could with more sleep in RL..just thinking about it is making me very sleepy and woozy.

The event itself though was quite active...the venue was filled to capacity and got rave realtime reviews from the audience in attendence...

Here was the official press release from co-performer, Miulew Takahe:

"AVATAR ORCHESTRA METAVERSE /* will perform on saturday the 12th may on virtual Haidsplatz on 7am SLT / 4pm CET.

'FOUND SOUNDS' is the main theme of the performance: the daily sounds in our lifes - the aural signposts of life - so present everywhere - so seldom listened to - so often taken for granted.

Welcome to Haidplatz/Odyssey on saturday for a listening bliss and visual experience made with the HUD's of Bingo. Beware! Your listening will never be the same - listen deeply!"

Here are some more pix...I hope to have links to additional audio and video archives very soon...

It is true...for this found-sound intro warm-up piece, we are literally just standing around, hanging out and telepathically transmitting our found sounds from our inventory directly into the public platz...

I took this pic because I just luuuuuv Evo's pink bunny booties? Who is this hipster, anyway?

Here we all are finally feelng prepared enough to play Miulew Takahe's composition called Rue Blanche (2007)...

...and here we are in mid-performance of "Rue Blanche"....

Here is the in-world-premiere of WNK (Wee Nee Kresch) by Bingo Onomatopoeia of Pomodoro Bolzano fame... It should have been called "Wee nee Krasch" as his piece crashed the whole simplatz and we had to reboot one-by-one...sigh!

Heheheheh...I need at least one new gratuituous self-portrait on my blog from time to time...In the background, you can see Bingo moving balls along a his abbacus-like instrument...once his 3rd ball got rolling, we also got rolling and played our scored-out samples...

Here I am posing with a nearly-realtime pic of this concert that was rezzed like moments before this snapshot was taken..I decided to pose with this pic from the recent past...kind of like having a parallel dimension as a backdrop, eh? Am I getting nostalgic? You be the judge ;-)

Ok, this snapshot must have taken towards the end of our concert as I am dancing my ass off to the breakbeat snippets that Bingo had sampled for our gratuitious use/abuse (yes, "gratuitous" is the word for today's posting)...Seconds later, I had inherited Sugar Seville's custom "fast dance" moves before passing out onto the comfort of my RL bed....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Rehearsal IV...

I guess you could say that this is the final "dress rehearsal" for Miulew Takahe's piece Rue Blanche which we will be playing on Saturday... Hmmm..I guess today must be "Casual Tuesday" or!

Hey performance art and nOOb muzak fans,

Phew! What a day!

RL is just totally draining my financial and psychic resources right now...

I am surprised I even have the energy to attend all these events, let alone blog about them.

Well, my 4th rehearsal with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse was alot of fun despite the RL obstacles...

Check out these (hardly) captivating pix...

For this rehearsal pic, Ian Ah is explaining to the nOObs and latecomers how our orchestra performs...Yes, it is true - our avatars are in fact the performative sound sources. You are probably also noticing all the performance HUD, chat and navigation windows I have open... Geez, and you thought that playing in an orchestra would only be about reading a piece of paper, tapping your foot, thumping on a tympani and/or tooting a horn, waving a baton and/or caressing a string?

Ok, here is my first rehearsal for the beta-test of Bingo Onomatopoeia's new HUD and composition called WNK ("Wee Nee Kresch"). I like the fact that there is virtually no trace of a written score (not even on a notecard), barely any conducting and totally improvised...woooo hoooo! Paaaaartrrrtty! Yeah, I mean like Bingo has this earthbound "Bingophone" or something which looks like a cross between an abbacus and a mixing board and as soon as 3 of his balls are in motion (only in SL or in some biotech lab can you brag about having more than 2 balls), he yells out "START". Bingo's HUD (those 2 columns on the left) for his own composition here is pretty text-heavy...The samples were alot of fun though..I swore that at least one of the samples was from DOOM. And...OMG! The architecture in the background is starting to look more and more like something that Frank Gehry would be doing with his spare RL time

Oh geez, I thought Bingo yelled "START" in the last pic but it was a false alarm..sigh! Hmmm...I think it is starting to look more like a dress rehearsal...more than before, anyway... Hmmm..maybe if I "clik the fro" as one of Filthy Fluno's nametags suggest, I can get a top-secret teleport (TP) or at least some kinda notecard/landmark combo to the actual dress-rehearsal...heheheheheheh... Once it starts, I feel the vibe and it can't stop!

Ok, now you can see I have yet another window open...This time, I also need to dance to Bingo's beatbox. I just HAD to show you my screen capture of my IM window where Maxxo Klaar admits to being a fan of this blog :-)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Spectacle Fortuna Parade On Columbia Island...

I wasted no time and immediately upon arrival, put on a mask from one of the local vending machines which are pictured towards the back on the right of this pic. For some reason, we all thought the parade was on Easter Island ;-)

DD & Flux have posted some additional parade photos on their blog. Stay tuned for video...

Hey performance art and parade fans,

I have had a rough weekend in RL and still gotta do some damage control..I might not be blogging as frequently as I would like to until I can get my RL situation smoothened out...In the meantime, I participated in a parade today... Check out these photos and scroll down the blog to read other postings....

At the time this pic was taken, Man Michinaga was re-assuring me that indeed, we are having our parade right here on Columbia Island (aka. "I AM COLUMBIA Island").

Heheheheheheh..In the early stages of our meet n' greet, we convinced the new arrivees that the only occasion for this parade was a belated version of Easter Holidays ;-) Spark Magazine's Aidan Aquacade - being the rebel that he is - chose to indulge in that sinking feeling one usually gets during the (belated) holiday season.

So by this point, you are probably saying to yourself, "when will the parade begin, dude?" Yeah, I had that same question running through my head too when this pic was taken. You can see that I lit my leggies on fire...I did this based on a request for arson a few minutes earlier. Someone said, "Is this the warm-up session before the parade?" and I just had to indulge his request to warm up this session...heheheheheh...I really like Flux Dabu's avvie (pictured with the choco-rabbit)...He reminds me of a cross between STELARC and Mike Kelly ;-)

Here are some more paradeers congregating on the sacred "warm-up" space on the island...Quite the variety of the avatars at this parade...I wonder if they are "dressing up" for the occasion or just being themselves?

I took this pic mainly to give the blog-reader a more direct head-on shot of my Moai Visage...Hmmmm "Moai Visage" sound like a pretty good New Wave band... ;-) To the right is the ramp which we eventually walked up as the beginning of our parade route. I hope someone took video of the occasion :-)

Wow! We have quite the cavalry here! We even have someone on horseback....yeee haaaw! So we were all gathered here today to be led by Ti Mosienko and Man Michinaga.

It looks here as if we are finally getting into formation to begin our parade route up the I was starting to worry that this is "ready" as we were ever going to be...sigh! At this point, Second Front co-members Tran Spire and Great Escape arrived on the scene... Somewhere in this jumbled gaggle, some other friends of mine managed to make it out for the parade such as Miulew Takahe from the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and Lior Humphreys.

Ok, it looks like DannyDarko Raymaker (a new artist friend and news interviewer from Italy) has finally taken the initiative and has inched towards the incline. You probably did not see DannyDarko in the previous pic because he was hiding behind another Moai head...Now you can see him - he is the one with the transparent green head....yaaaaay! He has quite the Dragonfly kite attached to his emerald noggin...

...and here we are finally starting the parade by marching up the very steep ramp...My head was so big (due to my recently swollen ego) that I could not see where I was going...I fell off the ramp a few times and requested at least one Teleport (TP) from the gang...sigh!

Here is a pic taken shortly after we have finished our first marching sequence on the ramp...I guess you could call this our 5 minute coffee break...I am not totally sure if the patriotic dude on the right is cracking open a can? I wasted away my 5 minutes of refreshment time by launching some fireworks from the rocket-launcher pads pictured on the right. In this pic, you can also get a better view of Flux's avvie...While we were marching, Flux said that he has wandered into my PR office on Odyssey and has been reading this blog...kewl!

Here is a better angle of Flux and SL's version of "Lady" Liberty....

This final pic for this posting shows how lost I got at times...At one point, I fell off the ramp when I was supposed to be traversing down the staircase and wandered in a purple daze around the campus property... Double sigh!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Appointment with Gabissa Sun...


Hey performance art and embodied academia fans,

I just had an in-world appointment with one of the leading SL academics, Gabissa Sun.

In RL, she teaches at Exeter University in England and is also part of the Presence Project at Stanford University in California (aka. LindenLand).

Gabissa met up with me at my PR office to discuss writing about my solo and collaborative work with Second Front and others. She may also be part of a theoretical thinktank to discuss my curatorial efforts with Ars Virtua as part of the LIVE 2007 Biennial of Performance Art in Vancouver.

She said she was more of an academic than a "critic" so I told her that most of the critics here moonlight as academics anyways....heheheheheheh!

My Second Front co-member, Lizsolo Mathilde joined us to chat as you can see in this pic below...

Liz was just working on some building for more of her music-video machinima projects.

And here is a pic that Gabissa took of the three of us...

I cropped the pic a bit to hide the text from our public chat since the content of our discussion at that time suddenly turned to more confidential matters.

Ok, back to RL again 4 me...sigh!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Rehearsal III...

Here is a sneak-preview of the brand new HUD interface combo designed by Bingo Onomatopoeia for my upcoming compositon, "SLippery SLope" (2007). If you notice the colourbar on the left with gradations from purple-pink-blue, you can see what v2.0 of my performance HUD looks like...

Here was what the previous versions of my SLippery SLope performance HUD looked like:

...v1.0 was designed by Maximillian Nakamura. I am currently scavenging my archives to find a pic of Max making this classic HUD version... So far, no luck...sigh! For the record, I intend to use his classic HUD for additional SLippery SLope performances...

... and the transitional v1.5 HUD was designed by Bingo Onomatopoeia.

Hey performance art, new music and choreography fans!

I have just finished documenting my 3rd rehearsal with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse today. I literally just finished rehearsing a couple of hours ago...I wish I had more time today to also rehearse Bingo's brand new piece but at least I got to see what the performance materials for my own up and coming composition looked like :-)

The HUD-test was alot of fun! I had people running around the fountain and I would yell out the name of a cafe and/or restaurant in this virtual version of Regensberg and if they saw it, they would press the corresponding button :-)

Here is the audio podcast from today's HUD-test for SLippery SLope.

Here is the description of today's HUD-test by co-member, Miulew Takahe who recorded this sound check...

"This is the very first AOM testing of Wirxli FlimFlam's piece SLippery SLope, or better call it the very first testing of the new HUD's made by Bingo Onomatopoeia for Wirxli's piece. We were running round the fountain at virtual Haidplatz and this piece sounds and looks very promising for coming AOM performances." - Miulew Takahe.

Here are 2 more pix and one extra hyperlink for an audio podcast below...

With this pic, you can get a more detailed look of some more of us wearing these parachute-like backpacks which are also part of Bingo's custom receiver-info HUD. So, when we play the coloured buttons on the left, our avatars will dance to the inflatable shape and colour of the morphing backpack...very kewl! Merce Cunningham, Stephanie Skura and Twyla Tharp, watch out! ;-)

Earlier in the day, we did a 2nd rehearsal of Miulew Takahe's "Rue Blanche" (2007). You can see his sine-tone performance HUD menus on the left. I think we have finally mastered the performance aspects of his piece now...yaaaay!

Here is Miulew Takahe's podcast audio recording of today's rehearsal of "Rue Blanche".

Please note that although the podcast says "Rue Blanche Rehearsal #4", I have posted this blog entry as my 3rd rehearsal with the Orchestra as I missed one of the rehearsals for this piece...sigh!