Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Rehearsal III...

Here is a sneak-preview of the brand new HUD interface combo designed by Bingo Onomatopoeia for my upcoming compositon, "SLippery SLope" (2007). If you notice the colourbar on the left with gradations from purple-pink-blue, you can see what v2.0 of my performance HUD looks like...

Here was what the previous versions of my SLippery SLope performance HUD looked like:

...v1.0 was designed by Maximillian Nakamura. I am currently scavenging my archives to find a pic of Max making this classic HUD version... So far, no luck...sigh! For the record, I intend to use his classic HUD for additional SLippery SLope performances...

... and the transitional v1.5 HUD was designed by Bingo Onomatopoeia.

Hey performance art, new music and choreography fans!

I have just finished documenting my 3rd rehearsal with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse today. I literally just finished rehearsing a couple of hours ago...I wish I had more time today to also rehearse Bingo's brand new piece but at least I got to see what the performance materials for my own up and coming composition looked like :-)

The HUD-test was alot of fun! I had people running around the fountain and I would yell out the name of a cafe and/or restaurant in this virtual version of Regensberg and if they saw it, they would press the corresponding button :-)

Here is the audio podcast from today's HUD-test for SLippery SLope.

Here is the description of today's HUD-test by co-member, Miulew Takahe who recorded this sound check...

"This is the very first AOM testing of Wirxli FlimFlam's piece SLippery SLope, or better call it the very first testing of the new HUD's made by Bingo Onomatopoeia for Wirxli's piece. We were running round the fountain at virtual Haidplatz and this piece sounds and looks very promising for coming AOM performances." - Miulew Takahe.

Here are 2 more pix and one extra hyperlink for an audio podcast below...

With this pic, you can get a more detailed look of some more of us wearing these parachute-like backpacks which are also part of Bingo's custom receiver-info HUD. So, when we play the coloured buttons on the left, our avatars will dance to the inflatable shape and colour of the morphing backpack...very kewl! Merce Cunningham, Stephanie Skura and Twyla Tharp, watch out! ;-)

Earlier in the day, we did a 2nd rehearsal of Miulew Takahe's "Rue Blanche" (2007). You can see his sine-tone performance HUD menus on the left. I think we have finally mastered the performance aspects of his piece now...yaaaay!

Here is Miulew Takahe's podcast audio recording of today's rehearsal of "Rue Blanche".

Please note that although the podcast says "Rue Blanche Rehearsal #4", I have posted this blog entry as my 3rd rehearsal with the Orchestra as I missed one of the rehearsals for this piece...sigh!

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