Monday, May 07, 2007

Spectacle Fortuna Parade On Columbia Island...

I wasted no time and immediately upon arrival, put on a mask from one of the local vending machines which are pictured towards the back on the right of this pic. For some reason, we all thought the parade was on Easter Island ;-)

DD & Flux have posted some additional parade photos on their blog. Stay tuned for video...

Hey performance art and parade fans,

I have had a rough weekend in RL and still gotta do some damage control..I might not be blogging as frequently as I would like to until I can get my RL situation smoothened out...In the meantime, I participated in a parade today... Check out these photos and scroll down the blog to read other postings....

At the time this pic was taken, Man Michinaga was re-assuring me that indeed, we are having our parade right here on Columbia Island (aka. "I AM COLUMBIA Island").

Heheheheheheh..In the early stages of our meet n' greet, we convinced the new arrivees that the only occasion for this parade was a belated version of Easter Holidays ;-) Spark Magazine's Aidan Aquacade - being the rebel that he is - chose to indulge in that sinking feeling one usually gets during the (belated) holiday season.

So by this point, you are probably saying to yourself, "when will the parade begin, dude?" Yeah, I had that same question running through my head too when this pic was taken. You can see that I lit my leggies on fire...I did this based on a request for arson a few minutes earlier. Someone said, "Is this the warm-up session before the parade?" and I just had to indulge his request to warm up this session...heheheheheh...I really like Flux Dabu's avvie (pictured with the choco-rabbit)...He reminds me of a cross between STELARC and Mike Kelly ;-)

Here are some more paradeers congregating on the sacred "warm-up" space on the island...Quite the variety of the avatars at this parade...I wonder if they are "dressing up" for the occasion or just being themselves?

I took this pic mainly to give the blog-reader a more direct head-on shot of my Moai Visage...Hmmmm "Moai Visage" sound like a pretty good New Wave band... ;-) To the right is the ramp which we eventually walked up as the beginning of our parade route. I hope someone took video of the occasion :-)

Wow! We have quite the cavalry here! We even have someone on horseback....yeee haaaw! So we were all gathered here today to be led by Ti Mosienko and Man Michinaga.

It looks here as if we are finally getting into formation to begin our parade route up the I was starting to worry that this is "ready" as we were ever going to be...sigh! At this point, Second Front co-members Tran Spire and Great Escape arrived on the scene... Somewhere in this jumbled gaggle, some other friends of mine managed to make it out for the parade such as Miulew Takahe from the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and Lior Humphreys.

Ok, it looks like DannyDarko Raymaker (a new artist friend and news interviewer from Italy) has finally taken the initiative and has inched towards the incline. You probably did not see DannyDarko in the previous pic because he was hiding behind another Moai head...Now you can see him - he is the one with the transparent green head....yaaaaay! He has quite the Dragonfly kite attached to his emerald noggin...

...and here we are finally starting the parade by marching up the very steep ramp...My head was so big (due to my recently swollen ego) that I could not see where I was going...I fell off the ramp a few times and requested at least one Teleport (TP) from the gang...sigh!

Here is a pic taken shortly after we have finished our first marching sequence on the ramp...I guess you could call this our 5 minute coffee break...I am not totally sure if the patriotic dude on the right is cracking open a can? I wasted away my 5 minutes of refreshment time by launching some fireworks from the rocket-launcher pads pictured on the right. In this pic, you can also get a better view of Flux's avvie...While we were marching, Flux said that he has wandered into my PR office on Odyssey and has been reading this blog...kewl!

Here is a better angle of Flux and SL's version of "Lady" Liberty....

This final pic for this posting shows how lost I got at times...At one point, I fell off the ramp when I was supposed to be traversing down the staircase and wandered in a purple daze around the campus property... Double sigh!


Ti Mosienko said...

Thanks for posting these, Wirxli. I do believe fun was had by all!

Jeremy O. Turner aka. Wirxli Flimflam said...

Hi Ti,
Thanks for posting to my blog...
Are there any other online archives from this event yet?
Maybe I can add some links and re-embed them into the blog.

dd & flux said...

Hey Wirxli,

I've posted a few photos (and hopefully video soon..) on our blog ( me and dd...aka lady liberty).


Jeremy O. Turner aka. Wirxli Flimflam said...

Hey DD & Flux,
Thanks for letting me know about the additional parade pix...I have embedded some hyperlinks in your direction via the same parade posting...
I had no idea you two were a pair...Your blog looks really good so far and I hope you do some more guys are not each other's ALTs by any chance, are you? ;-)
Ok, I got an even new posting to finish now...sigh!
Wirxli said...

Thanks so much for the post, quite helpful piece of writing.

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