Thursday, May 03, 2007

Appointment with Gabissa Sun...


Hey performance art and embodied academia fans,

I just had an in-world appointment with one of the leading SL academics, Gabissa Sun.

In RL, she teaches at Exeter University in England and is also part of the Presence Project at Stanford University in California (aka. LindenLand).

Gabissa met up with me at my PR office to discuss writing about my solo and collaborative work with Second Front and others. She may also be part of a theoretical thinktank to discuss my curatorial efforts with Ars Virtua as part of the LIVE 2007 Biennial of Performance Art in Vancouver.

She said she was more of an academic than a "critic" so I told her that most of the critics here moonlight as academics anyways....heheheheheheh!

My Second Front co-member, Lizsolo Mathilde joined us to chat as you can see in this pic below...

Liz was just working on some building for more of her music-video machinima projects.

And here is a pic that Gabissa took of the three of us...

I cropped the pic a bit to hide the text from our public chat since the content of our discussion at that time suddenly turned to more confidential matters.

Ok, back to RL again 4 me...sigh!


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