Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gaz of The Desert Screening - In-World Premiere!

Here we all are at the premiere screening of Gaz's film on Odyssey Island. For those who do not know already, Gazira is a co-member of Second Front. I really like the Rhizomatic seating arrangement that Sugar Seville designed :-)

Here is a rear-view behind the seats of the movie screening. You can see the screen peeking through the seats here. Sugar was sitting high up in the nosebleed section - probably to score the best view of the vast Desert :-) Also, if you have a look at the chat-history, you will notice that co-star Beavis Palowakski had made an appearance to support the film's opening...yaaaay! Clap clap clap clap! You can see Beavis underneath the seats...

Hey performance art and in-world movie fans!

I barely made it in time to watch the beginning of Gazira Babeli's in-world premiere of her surrealist mini-epic Gaz of the Desert (2007) but I could not stick around long enough to watch the entire 23 minutes...I am so sorry folks! I just had too much RL to take care of this Sunday afternoon..sigh!

I wish I could have faffed around long enough to have watched my cameo appearance in Gaz's film...sigh! Well, at least I have seen a private screening of this film before so I know it is quite amazing and worth watching! I plan to watch it again when I have some more free time to re-enter SL and check it out :-)


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