Thursday, April 05, 2007

Increasing the Baud Rate on Odyssey!

Here I am with Dancoyote Antonelli checking out Lamb Lamont's and Ester Dreier's sculptural monument to legendary French philosopher Jean Baudrillard.

Hey performance art and philosophical sculpture fans,

Here is the official press release from Odyssey Island about the event I just attended a few hours ago...

Ester Dreier and Lamb Lamont are proud to announce that Jean Baudrillard has been caught while floating around the Odyssey art gallery.
Look at the amazing philosopher, take pictures and click on him to let him talk about death, life, and how is it to be a simulacrum!

Baudrillard will be available in Odyssey art gallery as long as we can retain his soul.

So there you have it... What we have is a floating Baudrillard which looks as if it is trying to be as high as a kite but is held down with theoretical chains...heheheh. I guess the Baudmeister thought about sims too heavily to appear floating around in Oyster Bay, eh? Heheheheheh.

Is it me or does the SL simulacrum of Baudrillard resemble Dick Cheney? Perhaps, Baudrillard himself is the hyper-real alt for Tricky Dicky? My fave part was when one of the audience members consecutively clicked on the Baudrillard sculpture zillions of times and managed to trigger off a slew of Baud-isms that drowned out the chat history entirely. If you plan to check out this sculpture, expect Baudrilliard to provide you with an automated monologue and do not plan to have a dialogue ;-)

Ok, check out these additional pix from the event...

Here is a close-up of me posing next to one of the Baud sculptors, Lamb Lamont. From what I understand, Lamont is an Italian artist but I could not find any information to support this on Google.

For this snap, I zoomed out to bit so I could take a pic of Ester Dreier. Strange that she does not seem to have any google hits either...sigh! Bryan Dix from the SL-Newspaper was also in attendence so maybe he found more info about that.

I managed to take a snapshot right at the moment when Dancoyote Antonelli for a sec there appeared to be leaving in a huff and saying that Odyssey Island should be showing more of his work. I plan to ask Sugar Seville and see whether or not DC can have his own space to play up in the higher altitude regions of Odyssey.

Ok, here is a general aerial view of the Baudrillard sculpture on Odyssey Island...


irish bingo said...

Will definitely checkout Odyssey art gallery.

Anonymous said...

Easily I assent to but I think the collection should acquire more info then it has.

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