Thursday, January 18, 2007


Wirxli Flimflam being interviewed by SL-Newspaper's CEO James T. Juno in his main press office.

Hey there,

Press coverage can flash by really quickly in Second Life. I literally just had an interview with the SL-Newspaper about 15 minutes before this blog was posted. About 10 minutes ago, I get an offline IM from James T. Juno saying that the interview has already been published....whoa!

So, this is breaking news for January 18th and this is literally hot off the press after completing a performance last night with Second Front for Art's Birthday that was streamed into the Western Front in Vancouver. I still have to catch up blogging more about that performance...geez!

Well, if your reading this well after the release-date and the news is no longer fresh, please read this direct link to the interview.

Blogging 'till I drop,

Wirxli Flimflam The SLuxus Groupie.

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Anonymous said...

Great Job there !