Monday, March 12, 2007

Second Front's Martyr Sauce performance a success!

Here I am bravely about to join my performance art colleagues into martydom by crossing over the red line (not shown here) from the safety zone into the combat zone...And yes, I brought along my trusty sheep with me!

On March 14th, Man Michinaga edited a special edition of Second Front's Martyr Sauce performance.

Check out the video here.

Hey there performance art fans!

I have just finished my performance intervention with Second Front a few hours ago and it was psychologically exhausting but loads of fun! It was well worth doing!

To summarize, 7 members of Second Front (Gazira Babeli was regrettably unable to attend) entered the zone in Second Life where avatars can briefly get killed... We spread our messages of love and peace and was continuously martyred over and over Gandhi-style...we would just log back in and continue our love-in throughout the warzone.

The combat zone in Second Life was actually both loads of fun and extremely frightening (I had an RL death threat from one of the combateers...hopefully in jest!).

I have written about it in more detail on the official Second Front blog.

Here are some other photos from our performance that I hastily took for fear of my life... This time I had an excuse for taking lousy snapshots ;-)

I think I gave this toonish Playstation-esque avatar several hits of SLSD (LSD in SL)...I did not get a chance to chat with the Robomech guy though...

Here I am posing with my good friend Lior Humphreys who joined Second Front in solidarity with our peaceful and love-filled martyrdom mission.

You will notice that I saved the pix that only showed me from Second Front for this personal blog..the group photos have been blogged on the group site...

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