Thursday, March 08, 2007

Contemporary Art opening on Odyssey Island!

If you cannot see this video, click here.

Hey contemporary art fans,

The above embedded video clip was something I literally just recorded a couple of hours ago. I apologize in advance for my lousy videography technique. I was so worried that my screen capture software would crash on me, I quickly scurried around the gallery to try and record the entire exhibition experience without really looking closely at anything at all. ;-) Even as I blog this, the grand opening of Exhibit A on Odyssey Island is probably still taking place in Second Life.

There is even some press coverage already available from the Virtual Artists' Alliance and The Second Life News Network (SLNN).

I may have been clumsily stumbling around and flying into walls but at least there is now a video document from this historic event!

Here is the official flyer info about this opening:

Beavis Palowakski (Chris Rush) and Sugar Seville present:

Exhibit A

A new gallery designed and built by Beavis Palowakski on the Odyssey simulator opens for
the first time with a show curated by Beavis and Sugar Seville.

This inaugural event marks the first phase of the Odyssey simulator development. Odyssey is a place for art and performance within the Second Life online virtual world.

March 8th - April 8th 2007

OPENING THURSDAY MARCH 8th, 6pm Second Life time
Press opening is 1pm SLT

Location: Odyssey 38,30,23


Ian Ah (Ian Murray)
Gazira Babeli
Isra Batra
Nitido Cortes (David Scher)
Alan Dojoji (Alan Sondheim)
Fau Ferdinand
Masami Kuramoto
Pavig Lok
Man Michinaga (Patrick Lichty)
Sea Ra
Bacon Rolls
Chi5 Shenzhou

Here are the snapshots I took of the event. Due to the lag and my lousy video card on my laptop, objects and textures were still gradually rezzing for me. This should explain the abundance of gray-spaces and other unintentional depictions of negative space...heh heh... so, in reverse-chronological order:

It is too bad I had to leave just when the party was getting started...sigh! Ian Ah is typing to me here confirming that we will meet up later in the evening once I get all my "Real Life" chores out of the way... double sigh!

As you can plainly see, the after-party was getting a bit outta control... heh heh!

Here I am watching Alan Dojoji's live performance/video installation. I am glad that I was able to begin my video-documentation with his performance.

Here is a more heads-on view of Alan's performance.

With this snapshot, I tried to zoom out as much as possible to get the overall impression of the gallery's ambience. Since hardly anything was rezzing for me in time to appease my impatient super-ego, I did not bother to spend precious networking time to capture a more sublime angle of Beavis Palowakski's concrete and glass architectural masterpiece.

The dude with the inflated elephant head and the concrete shoes seemed to be one of the many Japanese artists in attendence...I could not think of any other sane explanation ;-)

I think this pic was taken when I first arrived at the opening...A lot of my friends were at the opening tonight...a lot of them also happened to be the artists in the show. I am hoping that by the time of the next opening, alot of my other artist-friends can also get the opportunity to exhibit here. The sign in the background depicts Man Michinaga's RL alter-ego, Patrick Lichty.

Hmmm..this might actually be the very first pic of my arrival into this space... oh well!

I must be getting careless and lazy...if you want to know who each avatar in these pix are, check out the video at the top of this posting because their nametags are depicted for all to see. If you cannot find the avatar-of-your-dreams in the video, you might want to scroll down the blog a bit more to see them mentioned and namedropped.... enjoy the rest of the postings!

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