Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wirxli joins the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse!

Wirxli tastefully presses some square musical triggers (buttons) as part of Maximillian Nakamura's unique in-world orchestral performance interface.

Hey performance art and performing art fans,

I have decided to go back to my roots and experiment with being a "performing artist" like the good ol' days of RL. I think this will be my only exception to my usual rule of being a puritan "performance artist" and not dabbling too much into that taboo realm known as the "performing arts".

Maximillian Namakura started this group called the "Avatar Orchestra Metaverse" and asked me to join. So, about 30 minutes after accepting his offer, I performed at my first rehearsal at the Odyssey Island Ampitheatre about 20 minutes ago. We will be playing next tuesday at 2 PM PST/SL time. We will not be playing for long - just one of Nakamura's own original compositions.

So basically, we play coloured buttons and follow a graphically notated score (conducted via a group IM session by Nakamura). The result is pure 20th Century era academic New Muzak ;-)

I tried to record video and audio for this rehearsal but my Camtasia screen capture software crashed me on...sigh! Maybe I should switch to FRAPS after all - I heard that software records audio and video at a much more reliable rate.

Here is an aerial view that I took of our rehearsal...

Clockwise from left-right: Xox Voyager, Maximillian Nakamura, Bingo Onomatopoeia, Wirxli FlimFlam (me) and Chi5 Shenzhou.

Here is an embedded video of the previous concert by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. This performance took place before I joined the group...