Monday, March 17, 2008

More developments for XANADRuuL...

From Left-Right: Liz Solo, Wirxli Flimflam (me), Fernsing Llewellyn and Bingo Onomatopoeia. This pic shows you Saturday's Choir sessional and receiver HUD test for the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. All these tests and building sessions will be part of the Premiere on May 10th of my 3rd Orchestral Opus, XANADRuuL... In this pic, you can see a halo over my head. This halo is part of the Reciever HUD interface designed by the Orchestra's in-house instrument builder, Bingo Onomatopoeia. Since this session, Bingo has also developed a similar halo HUD for the angelic choir...Woooo Hooo! I cannot wait to see this! On another note, I took this pic right after the Curator, Humming Pera left....ooops! Sigh!

Greetings XANADRuuLERS!

Many of you probably thought tonight's blog posting was going to be about Gazira Babeli's newest Solo Show on Odyssey Island but that posting is still under development as I have a few pictures to prepare before posting. So, I thought I would post a "quickie" update for you first...

In addition to the above pic where you can see that Bingo has been working hard on developing the Orchestral performance HUDs, our Architect Dethomas Dibou has been working equally as hard building the dome where the Orchestra will premiere my newest Magnum Opus, XANADRuuL....

Check out and see how the dome looks so far....

Here is the most recent assembly of the dome that the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse's Architect Dethomas Dibou is building for my newest composition, XANADRuuL If you look carefully, you can see Dethomas working inside the dome.

This picture shows the underlying purple poseball "flying" buttress structure underneath the pentagonal (and occasionally hexagonal) walls that will eventually wrap around this dynamic exoskeleton when it is time for the Orchestra's Dress Rehearsals. Once again, you can see Dethomas hovering inside the dome. Unlike Architects working around the clock in RL, Dethomas can assemble the entire Modernist structure by himself in realtime.

This pic shows Dethomas' first attempts at building the dome. Here was what he emailed me when sent me this very first pic...

hi jeremy
i started building your dome
its very difficult
but i will do my best
colors and more we can made later
first i need the shape
nice day


It reads kinda like a Haiku, doesn't it? :-D

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