Monday, February 05, 2007

Announcement: Dorkbot Lecture in Second Life...

From Left-Right: Maximillian Nakamura, Ian Ah, Wirxli Flimflam (me) and Nyko Nakamura.

Hey performance art fans!

It has been publically confirmed! I will be officially giving an artist talk in Second Life to launch the first of many Dorkbot SL guest lectures. This semi-formal artist talk will take place on Sunday February 18th, 2007 - 2-3 PM PST.

The location for this event will primarily occur at Ian Ah's special movie screening lounge which is on Sugar Mountain (Odyssey Island) and directly below my PR office.

Maximillian Nakamura (Dorkbot SL founder) and Ian Ah will be the official hosts for the event.

I hope to see your avatar there :-)

Wirxli Flimflam

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