Thursday, October 25, 2007

AvaStar Orchestra Metaverse...

Here is a clipping from The Avastar Issue #45 (page 12) about the Avatar Ochestra Metaverse's performance at the Avastar news headquarters which was streamed live into the Zollverein in Essen, Germany as part of the official closing ceremonies for the 1st Annual Architecture and Design Competition in Second Life that was hosted by the Ars Electronia festival in Linz, Austria.

Here is the same article but this time excerpted from the German language edition.

Here is a view of the English Avastar article from the perspective of the 2 page spread.

How many Orchestras do you know in RL with the guts to perform in an indoor swimming pool owned by the biggest tabloid in the world?

Hey there fellow AvaStars and New Music Party-Hardies,

Phew! I have barely recovered from the rehearsal of my new Orchestral composition, titled "Riesenrad" (rehearsal archives will eventually be posted alongside the world premiere at Wien Modern in November).... This virtual fatigue has been augmented by my curatorial, archiving and moderation duties at the Second LIVE component of Vancouver's LIVE Biennial of Performance Art. All of this has literally just taken place last week and within minutes of achieving freedom, I was on-call once again to perform this morning with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse for a special gig at the AvaStar tabloid headquarters in SL (and also, at one of their HQ locations somewhere in RL in Essen, Germany). In true SLebrity fashion, we played in their HQ's indoor swimming pool!

We performed Miulew Takahe's Fragula composition twice and followed-up the performance with an exclusive interview with the AvaStar staff moderated by their Editor-in-Chief, Regis Braathens. Unfortunately, the composer was unable to attend to conduct Fragula but Maxxo Klaar did a great job filling in for Miulew.

Here are some more photos...

At this point, most of the AvaStar staff (reporters and editors) as well my SLebrity colleagues began to arrive... It was at this time, I felt it was appropriate to break out (just for myself) the champagne glass ;-)

It was around this time that the glamourous Maxim-Gal #95 and famous fashion designer, Callie Cline asked if there was a party going on. Well, it certainly looked like a party but alas, it was yet another new music recital - sorry to disappoint! I guess it probably did not help that I was chugging a luxurious glass of sparkling champagne while performing in zero-gravity - that is usually a recipe for a party...Heheheheheh ;-)

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