Friday, October 26, 2007

Blogged down with LIVE5 (2007)...

Yes, this is the official logo for Vancouver's LIVE Biennial of Performance Art 05 (2007). Since the theme was called "Public", I will probably never know who originally designed this logo...sigh! You are probably not used to seeing a non-SL image on my blog but do not worry, just scroll down to see some screenshots after my minor opus-ette of rambling text below...

Hey there avatar performance art fans, public exhibitionists and impatient historians!

Yes, it is true, I have not been very active on my blog lately and this is directly due to the fact that I have lots of documentation to prepare for the official LIVE05 archives for the LIVE Biennial of Performance Art website and blog.

Since this was a mega-project that literally took place last week, please do not expect immediate historicization of all the artists I have invited to participate in the event called Participatory Dissent co-curated in RL by a former member of Second Front, named Loveless Finsbury (a.k.a. Natalie Loveless).

Speaking of Second Front, Rubaiyat Shatner (a.k.a. James Morgan) was the curator for the Second Front performance at Second LIVE. The gallery he represents is called Ars Virtua.

Speaking of LIVE, Skawennati Tricia Fragnito was the event's official guest curator as she represents the Aboriginal Territories of Cyberspace (AbTec) network.

So, please stay tuned in the next week or two on either this blog, the Second Front blog and/or the official LIVE blog for a mythological mention of any one of these performance artists (in no particular order): Second Front, Fau Ferdinand, Tran Spire, Nyko Nakamura, Man Michinaga, Eba Hax, Bea Box, iHeart Kuri, and LadyJustice Beaumont.

In the meantime, I wanted to entertain you by showing some more gratuitous pictures of myself. ;-)

To try and perpetuate the illusion/delusion that my blog is not entirely devoted to myself and my smashing looks, these photos will also show me posing with some of the performance artists that I managed to help co-curate...

Photo by Jesse Scott. Here is a great pic of Bea Box and myself posing at Eba Hax's (a.k.a. Tagny Duff's) performance installation called Skin Relations. For a little bit of context, Bea's own performance consisted of living life as an edible gingerbread-man inside a Tee-Pee while wearing an Indian head-dress. So, once Bea's body parts had been entirely consumed by the hungry art-world masses, all that remained was a shadow of her former self with the exception of her symbolic head-dress. It is fortunate that I managed to bring her along to Eba's performance since Eba had lots of free skin to spare...phew! I must say that Bea's freshly skinned avatar looks alot like a bot I once created...
At any rate, I promise to blog Bea's original performance very soon!

Photo by Jesse Scott.Here is another pic of Bea Box and myself at Eba Hax's opening. I had Westernfront Obscure (a.k.a. Jesse Scott on day #1)ensure that a couple of pix were taken to show off both the texture of Bea's new skin-graft as well as the Tron-like lines of my official LIVE jumpsuit.

Photo by Jesse Scott. Here I am with Maxxo Klaar of Maxxopic photography and Avatar Orchestra Metaverse fame. We are bemused by the cubed instructions for Eba Hax's Skin Relations performance.

Photo by Jesse Scott. Here is a side-profile of my co-curator, xox Voyager a.k.a. Skawennati Tricia Fragnito from the Aboriginal Territories of Cyberspace network (AbTec).

Ok, please scroll down for postings that have nothing to do with LIVE...phew!


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