Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Archives from "SECOND LIVRE" solo performance/reading in Ars Virtua...

Phew! I have finally gotten this exclusive performance-reading for W Magazine under wraps! I have just sent the illustrated transcript of the reading to the editor of W magazine and you will have to download the PDF on their webpage to read this transcript.

A few other members of the performance art group, Second Front attended...at least I had an audience! This performance occurred in Ars Virtua earlier today...

Here is the video clip that Great Escape documented:

If you cannot see the embedded video above, click here.

The video does not appear to have any audio but it is still worth watching!
I wish you could hear the sounds of us (myself, Tea Chennile, Loveless Finsbury, Great Escape and Tran Spire - all of Second Front) guzzling dacquiris during the reception!

Regardless of audio, many special thanks to Great Escape for taking the time to document my reading :-)

And now I encourage you to scroll down and check out the archived screenshots below... Here I am in text-MUD mode describing the book on the office desk in great detail. The book I am reading from by the way is called "Flack Attack" and was authored by the Ars Virtua curator, Rubaiyat Shatner.

Here I am reading my favourite quote from page #711 of Shatner's arts handbook, "Flack Attack".

Two paragraphs away from finishing my reading, I crashed out of Second Life! Fortunately, Great Escape (SF member - pictured on the right) was still recording the video and he rewarded my determination to continue reading until the bitter end by offering me this lovely banana dacquiri....yum! I knew reception time was close as hand! ;-) Also pictured here is Tea Chenille (SF member - the one with zebra stripes).

...as you can see, this drink was very yummy as I was downing it very quickly indeed! ;-)

Little did I realize it at the time but Great Escape later told me this banana drink had hallucinagenic properties! Things got really strange right through, past and beyond the end of my official reading which was captured in this pic. This pic also shows the other two attendees from Second Front... The yellow female is Loveless Finsbury and the orange male is Tran Spire. Both had their backs to me for some time which I guess is official audience etiquette during literary readings in Second Life ;-)

...by the time I had finished my reading, the hallucinations really hit me in a big way....wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

...it took me a few minutes to return to virtual sanity (I should have had scored another one...sigh!) before I can hold a sober conversation with Tran Spire. I had a great time and I hope that the audience was not too bored...you know how impulsive and impatient these performance artists can be... ;-)

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