Saturday, April 05, 2008

Haledol Minotaure Daydreaming...

When my performance with Second Front first started up, I had some minor problems locating the venue...sigh! Maybe I should return to rehab? Or, maybe I should pawn off my pink halo for some.....???? ;-)

Hey there Haledoled-up Minotaurists!

Finally, I have had a chance to reflect on my most recent performance with Second Front which took place quite some time ago...well, everything in Second Life seems like the distant past, but I digress..... Ummmm...geez, my RL self is really tired as I type this...I had better quickly summarize the photos before I fall aSLeep. If you want to know any details about this performance just go to Second Front's official blog and read all the related posts here, here and here...

Ok, here are some "exclusive" (in other words "leftover") photos from that performance session...

Here I am next to Fau Ferdinand The Minotaure during our rehearsal's rehearsal... Does this make sense? My good pal and fellow Second Fronter, Bibbe is also in this pic.

Here I am posing with an easter bunny in the padded cell with some Second Fronters Tran and Bibbe. Yes, this performance was seen as a kind of Easter celebration.

Here I am with my re-configurable holy cross next to some audience members.... Some of the audience members were trying to out-do our act with some gamey references and a token skull...

Now, I will show you some images that I was using to mass-spam the padded cell with. A swarm of unexpected replicated images are collectively called "goo". I could say magic words and conjure each "goo" image to appear. So for example, if I said "Iraq", my customized Iraqi flags would appear all over the room. Anyway, enough about the dull technicalities... Here are some close-ups of my chosen goo-images for this particular performance...

I used this image of Lucifer's symbol mainly for my performance-suit's pattern but it was also available as a potential "goo" image.

This was the closest I would come to referencing the iconography of Jesus.

This Iraqi flag was modified to suit my particular purple aesthetic. I have been inspired by Iraq lately since meeting the Iraqi SL Philosopher Sarmad Alsarmady on Facebook. This guy really wants to find a way to expose the entire Iraqi population to the wonders of Second Life...and more power to him! You could say that this flag is my personal tribute to Sarmad.

Since the Minotaure was our main theme, I just HAD to also have a customized Spanish flag at my disposal.

I actually forgot to goo this image during the performance but it was on stand-by. Yes, this is also a Wirxlified modification of an emblematic image. Does anyone remember the Labyrinth game for the C-64?

After the performance, I was able to relax for a bit by allowing myself to be interviewed on the front patio of my PR Office by Joshua Khorana (Josh Kho in RL) of the University of British Columbia (UBC)...

Stay tuned for this interview to be released in a print format sometime soon...
Also please stay tuned for April 14th, where Second Front performs our next opus, "Grand Theft Avatar 3: Heist City".


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