Thursday, November 23, 2006

Planning to form a Peformance Art Group with Tran Spire

This is my first formal meeting with the avatar performance artist, Tran Spire. We have known each other in RL for a few years but here is our chance to collaborate in Second Life. For this meeting at Ars Virtua, we have decided to form the Performance Art group, Second Front which will be an avatar version of the Western Front in Vancouver. If any other performance artist in Second Life wants to be part of Second Front, please leave a comment on this blog :-) Enjoy the rest of the pictures...

Just for reference, I am the one wearing blue and purple ;-)

The above pic was from a postcard snapshot forwarded to me from Tran Spire. And here are 2 more postcard images at Ars Virtua also from Tran Spire...

Thanks bloggers, there will be additional pix coming soon and hopefully some embedded vidoes by next week!


Wirxli FlimFlam

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