Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yard Sale Shopping with Tea Chenille...

Here I am on the couch of this Yard Sale with my RL and SL GF, Tea Chenille.
We had a great time shopping around! I am not sure about some of the artwork in the sale but it was certainly a pleasure sifting through all the cyberknickknacks!
Here are some more pix from the event...

Here we are shopping for some shoes for Tea. Tea really has a shoe-buying addiction!
Maybe she will purchase a pair later but she decided not to do so this afternoon.

Here is another angle of our detailed shoe-gazing.

I decided to buy Tea a ring from the Yard Sale. In this pic, Tea is looking carefully at all the rings. I bought her a ring that only cost 25$L. What a bargain!
We also scored a whole bunch of freebies in this area such as some vehicles (I have not checked them out yet), rings, Xmas Decorations and even a pair of wings! As you will see in the next pic, we met the ring-vendor (and also possibly the designer), Rudy.

Here I am posing in front of the assembled gaggle of Yard Sale Vendors. The female in the brown dress is Rudy who helped arrange the ring purchase and transaction. Have you noticed that Yard Sales take forever to render? Sigh!

Tea likes to take her time shopping...Just like in our 1st Real Life (RL), I tend to wait for her while she goes about her business faffing around looking for new fancy items to buy...sigh!

Rudy suddenly decided to ride one of the moving trains around the Yard Sale complex. You can see her in the background on the train with some other vendor fellow who looked like a Count with his cape.

Rudy offered me a ride on her train and there was a spare seat in the caboose so I took up her offer. The three of us (Rudy, Count Anonymous and myself) went for a ride but my caboose detached from the train and they sped off with my caboose dumped on the rails...sigh! I wonder if it was some sort of practical joke. I did tell them I was a nOOb (Newbie) after all..sigh! I must have been feeling a bit dizzy after my caboose disconnected from the train because some of the billboards still look un-rendered and blurry... When bored, try and say the words "cabOOse nOOb nOOse" as fast as you virtually can! That will make you feel just as dizzy!

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