Tuesday, September 11, 2007

911 - Wirxli at Ground Zero...

Hey there NEO-CONspiracy theorists, grounded zeroes, and 911-dialers!

To commemorate the September 11th terrorist attack from way back in 2001 (ancient history in SL), I visted the official Ground Zero Twin Tower memorial site that was erected for the 6th year anniversary of that fateful morning during the growing pains of the 21st century.

I was hoping to take a pic of myself atop one of the towers but I guess even this formerly harmless tourist activity is now seen as some form of attempted terrorism since the property did not allow for anyone to fly higher than a few feet off the ground...sigh! I mean, what is the big deal? If the Americans want to celebrate the virtues of freedom in the face of terrorists, I should be allowed to fly freely to the top of the tower to take a tourist pic right? Isn't Second Life supposed to be more liberal and freedom loving than my first life? Sigh! My good friend Lior Humphreys and I (not pictured in this posting) tried to find a way up but simply could not locate such access.

Oh well, this paranoia will all pass...all Terrorism is temporary in Second Life anyways...

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