Wednesday, September 26, 2007

planning for LIVE...

Here I am coordinating the LIVE performance schedule for October 19th with Bea Box and Fau Ferdinand on Fau's personal property on...uh...what is the name of her island again? Celedon? I will have to ask her..sigh!

Hey there LIVE Performance Art Biennial ticket-holders,

"Yesterday" (well, a few hours ago in my time zone) has been a productive day in SL for me.
Not only did I have my weekly Avatar Orchestra Metaverse rehearsal earlier in the day (RL was too distracting for me to take photos of this event but I am sure I will link to some) but I also managed to schedule the remainder of the LIVE performances for October 19th and 20th...yaay!

Oh, I should clarify here...the orchestra rehearsal was not merely a rehearsal...we also recorded our HUD demo for Evo Szuyuan's upcoming presentation at V2 in Holland. Evo will be using the same footage as part of her future documentary about the AOM...yaaaay! I cannot wait to watch the final product!!!

The excitement did not end with the Orchestra's rehearsal and the LIVE meeting though... Once I left Second Life for the day, I also managed to maintain some off-world communication with the Orchestra about my upcoming Riesenrad composition for Wien Modern in Vienna.

Now, before I show you my second and final photo of this posting, I have some breaking news for you.... PAULINE OLIVEROS HAS COMPOSED A RE-ADAPTATION OF ONE OF HER CLASSIC COMPOSITIONS FOR THE AVATAR ORCHESTRA METAVERSE! DETAILS TO FOLLOW!

Ok, now that I have gotten that breaking news off of my chest, here is my other photo...

At this point, Second Front member Tran Spire joined us as well as Bibbe Oh, iixlii (my drug dealing butler), and Spinster Voom (sporting a new look)...

Ok, I should go to bed now as I have to meet up with some of the LIVE participants tomorrow to test out their gear. Good night for now :-)

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