Friday, September 07, 2007


SPOTTED! Wirxli FLimFlam once again makes an appearance in the SLebrity gossip section of The Avastar on Page 16 of Issue #36.

This is from the German language edition of The AvaStar Issue #36.

Hey there SLebrity, Celebrity and assorted fans of a spotty variety!

Well, I was trying to take a brief vacation from blogging but sure enough, the media's the spotlight always seems to find me and manages to successfully illuminate my pink hair and drag me back into the fray.

So, as you can see from the above evidence, the tabloid media-zine known as The AvaStar found me speaking on a panel at the xxXtenXion festival in Regensburg and even successfully squeezed a soundbyte from me where I admitted that the magazine itself helped to shape my identity....and despite what you usually read in the tabloids, this time what I was quoted on saying is 100% accurate! For the record, I REALLY said that the AvaStar has molded me into who I fact, they are the core and essence of my very being! Wow!

Check out these other photos below for additional mentions of me that help to further illustrate the excesses of my roccoco ego that is swirling and spiralling out of control (ok, that part is a tabloid-esque lie) within the sassy media frenzy known as SLebrity Life....

This is the full page spread of the "a-stars" gossip column.

Here are Evo Szuyuan (videographer - seated on the pic's left hand side) and Miulew Takahe (coordinator - seated on the pic's right hand side) from the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse previewing the new and improved machinima document of my recent in-world orchestral composition, SLippery SLope. They seem to be watching this sneak-preview at Ian Ah's lounge on Odyssey Island.

Here is Evo's personal nomination for me as the "Best Performing Artist"... Please visit this link here and vote for me on Enniv Zarf's Krystal Epic website.

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