Monday, July 30, 2007

SLippery SLope Video!

Wirxli FLimflam - "SLippery SLope" (2007)
Video recorded and edited by Evo Szuyuan. If you cannot see this embedded video, click here.

Hey there in-world music composition fans,

Finally, Evo Szuyuan has recorded an accurate and sublime machinima version of my first composition for the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, called "SLippery SLope" (2007).

Many many thanks to all the Avatar Orchestra performers as well as Evo Szuyuan for reflecting the composer's original intention in the form of a fantastic video/audio edit!

Also, super thanks goes out to:

A) DeThomas Dibou who designed and built these special architectonic SLopes exclusively for my composition.

B) Bingo Onomatopoeia for the customized HUD performance interface design for my composition.

C) Miulew Takahe for coordinating the Orchestra rehearsals as well as engineering the audio recording archives.

D) DannyDarko Raymaker for taking the very first video-document of SLippery SLope.

E) Maximillian Nakamura (the Founder of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse) for helping me develop the first performance HUD for SLippery SLope.

To learn more about the history and context (including the performer credits) behind my very first music opus composed exclusively for the Second Life universe, click on these previous blog postings:

1) SLope SLipping and hanging out.

2) SLippery Slope's in-world Premiere for the Pages exhibition in London. This first performance includes the first machinima video archive by DannyDarko Raymaker (video recording) and Miulew Takahe (audio recording) as well as the full transcript of the official notecard score.

2) SLippery Slope's dress rehearsal.

3) Thursday's SLippery Slope rehearsal.

4) Bingo's HUD help in his Hometown.

Also, check out these audio podcast archives recorded and collected by Avatar Orchestra Metaverse co-founder, Miulew Takahe in reverse-chronological order...

I - Recording of the studio version of SLippery SLope recorded by Hopi Jun and Miulew Takahe for the official machinima performance for Evo Szuyuan's videography.

II- The second half of the official machinima re-take peformed in reverse-SLope order to generate bonus video material for Evo Szuyuan.

III- Documentary recording of the 1st official performance of SLippery SLope.

IV - HUD test for SLippery SLope (the composition-in-progress).


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