Friday, July 20, 2007

Wirxli and Tart Gallery in Vancouver's Georgia Straight Magazine!

Here I am posing with the founder of Vancouver's Tart Gallery in Second Life, ByrneDarkly Cazaret. We were both interviewed in Jessica Werb's article "Visual Art's new avatars" in the Georgia Straight Magazine in RL. The car we are standing on is outside the Tart Gallery and resembles the car of a mutual dude we know of in Vancouver called Midnite. Apparently, ByrneDarkly picked this car because it reminded her of one of Midnite's custom cars in RL...whoa! Trippy! I used to live one building East of this dude (I mean Midnite, not ByrneDarkly who is obviously a SERIOUS in Vancouver in RL!

Hey Performance Art, Pop Art and Genuine Publicity-for-its-own-sake Fans!

I just got some print press in the Georgia Straight Magazine in Vancouver yesterday. The Georgia Straight is Vancouver's main free weekly print periodical and get this... Bob Geldof used to write for this zine in the 1970s!

Anyways, now we have Jessica Werb who is so obviously going to be the Bob Geldof of the 21st Century (now that she has finally gotten around to interviewing yours truly) write about my own performance practice with Second Front . I wish more was said about Second Front but I guess she had to fit both SF, myself plus Tart Gallery on the same single page so there you go...that was the compromise.

Well, I figured I should get my photo taken with my co-featurette, ByrneDarkly Cazalet. Fortunately, she appeared just as I was done taking the first two promo photos in her gallery. I actually teleported away from the gallery before registering that she was directly in front of me but I quickly returned to the scene and got my token promo photo with her... wOOt!

Well, if you want to read the online version of this article, click here.
If you live in Vancouver, it is in news-stands today :-)

Here are the other two photos I took literally minutes before ByrneDarkly arrived on scene...

Here I am lounging on a couch in the sultry lobby of the Tart Gallery...I might be lowering my brow on the pillow but I sure know how to daydream many dreams about spending eternity with a couple of stylish and glam posters depicting an air-brushed air guitar!

Here is the view from another couch unless the sheer exhilirating flaneur action was not visceral enough in the previous pic...I am now dreaming of Tartzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


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