Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Feeling the Fame at InterAccess in Toronto...

Here I am at InterAccess Gallery's workshop series in Toronto under the influence of a very elegantly wasted haze while trying to walk the crooked-mile to my pixellated podium lecturn-device thingie with my well-dressed bodyguard at my side...

Hey performance artists, workshopaholics and elegantly wasted academics,

Whoa! That was some workshop presentation that I was scheduled to do a couple of weeks ago! I am only now starting to remember what happened to me (and by extension, the audience) that day and from what I do recall, it sure wasn't pretty (although everything in SL looks pretty).

Everything is slowly being processed by my pixellated pineal gland now:

1) I was so drugged up from Tran Spire's freebies during his self-help seminar, I could barely get out of my chair!

2) There was at least one assassination attempt on my life and it was more than my lone guard could handle...sigh! It turned out that this was much more of an inside job than any insurgent could handle - the only gunshots fired that could be proven as legit by my boduguard were coming from the BFG barrels of my friends and colleagues Man Michinaga and Fau Ferdinand...sigh!

3) My automated-lecturn called the "Teacher's Pet" was not spitting out the videos, text and pix I needed for my lazy presentation in time and therefore, I was in such a purple-haze, I could not even see the projection screen....

If you want to read about the workshop in general, please read the official story on the Second Front blog here...


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