Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wirxli was NOT here...

Here is photographic evidence (well, proof) that I was NOT here at Juria Yoshikawa's early-period installation that had an opening sometime in the distant past...

Hey installation-art fans and Juria Yoshikawa retrospective completists,

Here is another mini blogette posting for you with a brief confirmation that I was definitely NOT here with Juria Yoshikawa and Fau Ferdinand late last night.

We were definitely NOT hanging out and discussing future collaborations nor was I, for the record, anywhere NEAR here for Juria's opening that happened sometime early in her career (actually the latter part is true...sigh!).

...and here is further proof that Juria herself was definitely NOT here with me and for sure, my good friend Fau Ferdinand was NOT here either. There were others who were NOT here last night and even if they were "here", I since have forgotten who they were because they were obviously NOT anyone in particular.

Ok? I just wanted to set the record straight....phew!

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