Thursday, November 08, 2007

Orchestra in Philadelphia...

I arrived just in time in Singapore Harbour for the end of the panel at the iDMAa Annual Conference 2007 (International Digital Media & Arts Association)in Philadelphia. A few co-members at the Avatar Ochestra Metaverse were sitting on the panel alongside the Tokyo-based installation artist Juria Yoshikawa to hype our new music work in Second Life. Late in the morning, we gave a quick demo of Miulew Takahe's composition, Fragula.

Hey there Philadelphian philanthropists and ventriloquists-with-voice-overs,

Well this morning was a bit of a non-starter...I arrived late for the panel and then no one at the conference could hear our audio transmissions...sigh!

This is just a quick blogette today because I really should focus on more pressing blog postings and uploads but here are a few more snapshots all about this morning...

Here is another angle of the panel session. The conference moderator, Pastiche Oh appears to be! Maybe this was foreshadowing for her bandwidth issues later in the conference event.

We then went over to Juria Yoshikawa's and Aldomanutio Abruzzo's sound and vision installation called Liquid Light. Juria gave a quick artist talk about this installation.

Eventually, we made it down to Odyssey's sound house for our newest combo-demo of merging Miulew's Fragula with Gazira Babeli's installation called Come Together. Unfortunately, we realize that Philadelphia could not hear us in RL so we had to stop mid-way through since everyone was talking over our performance...sigh! One of these days, Linden Lab really needs to sort out their technical issues. You will probably noticed that I briefly passed out before we were about to perform. Had I know that the conference would be unable to hear us, I would have stayed down there happily unconscious....sigh!

This pic was taken just before we were about to begin was a good thing green tea was passed around as that gave me something to do since the sound never was transmitted to Phillie...sigh!

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