Thursday, June 07, 2007

Discussions with Dapto...

Here I am lounging around with the Aussie critic Lisa Dapto in her comfort zone...

Hey performance art and critical theory fans,

I have literally just finished hanging out with Dr. Lisa Dapto. She was part of my nOObjectivity collaborative performance that took place in late May at Plurabelle Posthorn's new space in Trollhaugen.

We are hoping to book an addition 2 hours one of these weekends with Plurabelle so we can finally document and archive our collaborative nOObject.

During the last session, Lisa had login problems (we now realize the problem had to do with Microsoft Vista) and could not give a proper crit of my nOObject. At last Dr. Pastichan Yifu was around to critique the first nOObject.

Anyways, here is another angle of our re-discussion session...

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