Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hang Out Daze...

Here I am totally SLacking on the couch while hanging out and watching a bunch of DVD videos with Fau Ferdinand (on my left-hand side, your right) at Nebulosus Severine's place (on my right-hand side, your left)...What a bunch of SLoths, eh? ;-)

Sooner or later, someone had to take a washroom break, there were simply millions of movies to watch and kill time with...Maybe Fau just left for a moment to work on her art for a sec and feel productive or something like that...zzzzzzzzzzzz ;-) At least Nebulosus had the right idea and turn her faffing time into a more artistically productive "installation" that is what I call aesthetic efficiency...heh heh!

Hey there performance art SLackers,

Some of you might be wondering "what happened to Wirxli lately? We have not seen him around except for official events!"

Well, for the most part, you are correct - RL has consumed most of my time and energy lately.

However, I have had a couple days to hang out in SL to prove that I am still alive and able to SLack like the rest of us...I just needed a bit of downtime before I prepare for more of my official events (collaborations, mostly).

As you can see from the above pix, I SLacked and SLothed around with my new pal Nebulosus Severine and my old pal, Fau Ferdinand.

It was only yesterday when I hooked back up with Fau and her good friend Zodial and invited them to Eifach's 80s night disco-video installation to dance to Bronski Beat and the like...Neb and many other friends (including members of the AOM and Lizsolo Mathilde from Second Front) also had the time to party with us... Oh, I should mention that it was not 100% 80s night at Eifach's place...There were video cameos by George W. Bush and Eifach's RL daughter ca. 2005...

Here are 2 more pix documenting yesterday's party at Eifach's place...

Ok, this pic was taken a day ago and it shows how seriously I was in "hang-out" mode...Here I am with a bunch of friends (nametags displayed) at Eifachfilm Vacirca's multi-video installation...I think I forgot to mention that Nebulosus' video-room also doubled as an installation.

Here is another angle of Eifach's video installation. I took a pic from this angle to show the 3D nature of the installed video-cubes...trippy!

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